5 Tips for Hosting Your Own Paint Party at Home

Paint Party at Home

Hosting a party can be overwhelming. Luckily, with the help of Painting to Gogh, it can be quite easy! 

The first step - pick a painting! Click here to see the paintings that we offer. After you have decided on a painting and the Painting to Gogh boxes arrive, take a look at these top five tips for hosting your own paint party.

1. Water cup & Paper Towels

Once you open your painting box, you will find the following items: a canvas, paintbrushes, an easel, a paint palette, an apron, and a bag full of paints. What you won't find is a cup for water and paper towels.  Those you will have to provide! Luckily those are easy household items that almost everyone has on hand.  It's best to have the water cups and paper towels ready for each person.

2. Avoiding big messes

When you open the box up, the canvas will be wrapped in brown paper.  Unwrap slowly and keep this paper! It is the perfect pseudo tablecloth to prevent major messes.  Place the brown paper on your table and set up your easel and other painting supplies on top.

3. Digital Video Tutorial

Along with the Painting to Gogh Box, you will also receive an e-mail with the link for an online digital video tutorial on how to paint the specific painting you chose. This video tutorial can be played on your phone, tablet, laptop or tv. Decide which device you want to use and make sure it works properly on your device.  It is very helpful to skim through the video beforehand so you know when the breaks are for letting your paint dry.  These breaks are a great time to sip some wine and munch on some food.  

4. Acrylic Paint

The acrylic paint will come in little containers and you will have to place the paint on your palette for mixing.  Some paints come out very easily and some do not.  Keep some plastic spoons around to help get the paint out. It is better to take a little paint at a time and add more as you need to.

5. Pause & Rewind

The best part about the Painting to Gogh experience is that you can pause and rewind as much as you want! Feel free to pause the video so everyone can take their time with their own paintings. Rewind for those that may need additional instruction.

It's best to allow about 2-3 hours total because of the breaks/pauses/rewinds for your party. Follow these tips and your Painting to Gogh paint party will be a success! 

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