5 Tips for Hosting Your Own Paint Party at Home

Note: This article was written prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. We strongly recommend hosting virtual painting parties until it’s safe to resume normal practices. For tips on how to do this, you can visit our article on the topic. 

Painting Party to Gogh

Hosting a painting party at home can feel overwhelming. Luckily, with the help of Painting to Gogh, it can be quite easy! 

In fact, the first step might be the most challenging: agreeing on what you should paint. To get a few ideas, you can check out our growing catalog of paintings. Once you’ve decided on a piece and your Painting to Gogh boxes arrive, these five tips will make hosting your at-home paint party a breeze! 

1. Set up water cups and paper towels 

When you open your Starter Kit, you will find the following items: a canvas, paintbrushes, an easel, a paint palette, an apron, and a bag full of paints. What you won't find is a cup for water and paper towels. Those you will have to provide! Luckily they are common household items almost everyone has on hand. It's best to have the water cups and paper towels ready for each person at their painting station. 

2. Recycle our wrapping and prevent big spills

When you open your Painting to Gogh box, you’ll notice the canvas comes wrapped in brown paper. Unwrap the paper slowly so that you can reuse it during the painting party. The brown paper makes a perfect pseudo tablecloth to prevent major messes. Just place it on your table, and set up your easel and other painting supplies on top of it. 

Got a little too excited and ripped your paper to shreds? That’s okay too. You probably have tons of items lying around your house that can serve as a makeshift tablecloth -- perhaps some old newspapers can suffice. 

3. Watch our video tutorials in advance of the painting party 

Along with the Painting to Gogh supplies, you will also receive an e-mail with the link for an online digital video tutorial on how to paint the specific artwork you chose. This video tutorial can be played on your phone, tablet, laptop, or tv. Decide which device you want to use and make sure it loads properly before your painting party begins.

Pro tip: it’s beneficial to skim through the video beforehand. This way, you can identify breaks that allow time for your paint to dry. These breaks offer a great opportunity to sip some wine, munch on some food, or simply catch up with your friends. 

4. Follow our acrylic paint hacks 

The acrylic paint will come in little containers, and you’ll need to transfer the paint to your palette for mixing. Some paints come out very easy and others do not. Keep some plastic spoons around to help get the paint out.

Pro tip: It’s better to take out a little paint at a time and add more as needed. 

5. Pause and rewind 

The best part about the Painting to Gogh experience is that you can pause and rewind as much as you want! Feel free to pause the video so everyone can take their time with their own paintings. You can also rewind for those that may need additional instruction.

It's best to allow about 2-3 hours total because of the breaks/pauses/rewinds for your party.

Ready to get started? 

If you’re ready to get started with your own painting party, be sure to check out our shop

You’ll find a large selection of both traditional and modern masterpieces. If your guests are new to painting, we recommend our Starter Kits, which features all the supplies they’ll need. If they plan to bring their own easels and brushes, then you can save money by purchasing an Essentials Kit.

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