July 20, 2017

Create real brain health with Art

The great thing about Painting to Gogh is that anyone with any skill level can make a piece of art! With easy to follow along tutorials, some might criticize that the art is not “real” but you know what? Your brain doesn’t think that way! Megan Carleton, an art therapist at the Harvard affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital, said “It’s the process, not the product” that benefits your health and happiness.

If you don’t know yet what art can do for you, we’ll tell you. Creating art can relieve stress, help with depression and anxiety, aid communication, and help stop cognitive decline. Did you get that last part? It actually helps keep your brain healthy! Of course mental health is important, but we’re talking about creativity helping your physical body keep resilience to mental decay. That’s amazing!

Harvard Medical School wrote about the power of creating art in patients with progressive neurological diseases. For those with Alzheimer’s, painting has been shown to help bring back or help keep memories longer. Time passes for these patients and their speech, hearing, and other senses can dull but the ability to create art stays much longer even after those senses are lost. For those who are taken care of at home or hospitalized, their environment can become stale and stiff. Maintaining brain activity through creativity helps with relaxation and moving through the process of life and what comes after.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Get going on stimulating your brain NOW! The Mayo Clinic Study of Aging showed that people over 70 that participated in arts and crafts had a lower risk of developing mild cognitive impairment than of those who read books. Books are wonderful of course, but it’s pretty cool to hear that you can get your fingers messy to keep your brain clean.

So what can you do with this knowledge?

Painting to Gogh is a great tool for those confined to a space such as the home or a hospital. If you know someone that could benefit from the power of art therapy, share the gift of art and creativity with them via Painting to Gogh!  And just for being so awesome and reading this post, use the promo code of FIRSTGOGH for 20% off your first order!  Remember, art helps your brain, so get to it anyway you can!

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