July 31, 2017

Painting to Gogh loves when art steps into the lives of anyone! Here in Chicago we have been spoiled with public works of art going up all over the place. Madison, Wisconsin is now in consideration for a program that promotes local artist’s work to be shown around the city. Now those walking down popular Madison streets like Monroe will have the pleasure of seeing local artist’s work!

The city launched a pilot program last year to see how well it would take to the citizens, (silly thing to do since everyone loves art). The full program is to have artwork be displayed on the city’s utility boxes in efforts to beautify Madison! The art will be printed on vinyl to be wrapped around the boxes to ensure easy access and prevent over heating issues.

This program offers payment to the artists, exposure, and engagement with a large diverse audience. Madison is on its way to becoming an attractive city to many and all, and these installations are just another step in the right direction to increasing city awareness and visitors! We hope more and more cities can start art initiatives such as this one in the future!

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