Charity Partner - The Simple Good

October 22, 2016

Social impact was something we really wanted to do since day 1 with Painting to Gogh.  For our first charity partner we wanted to find an organization that was local - in our hometown of Chicago.  Additionally, we wanted our charity partner to have a focus on art and the youth of Chicago.  The Simple Good provided all of those things and more: they are local, they impact the youth of Chicago and they are based around social good via art.  

The Simples Good's mission is to empower youth in Chicago and beyond to be forces of positive change in their communities through embracing the goodness that surrounds us.  They have a sharing platform which encourages everyone around the world to share their 'simple good' on The Simple Good's global photo blog.  The photos that people post feed into the curriculum that The Simple Good offers and opens up the world to their students, inspiring them to find positivity in their own lives.  The Simple Good also enables students to connect 'the simple good' to their community during a showcase to empower youth to become 'positive activists' for their community.  

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The Simple Good - Charity Partner



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