Who doesn't love a hot air balloon?

April 08, 2017

Whether you've taken a ride in one and experienced that feeling of freedom, calmness and exhilaration for yourself, or can only imagine the blanket of silence that must envelope you when floating slowly over the landscape below, there is an innate beauty and serenity that washes over you when you think about hot air balloons.

Now take that feeling and try to paint it.  Is your painting full of vibrant colors? Does it make you feel calm yet excited?  We tried to capture that sensation and give it the permanence it deserves.  A little bit of frenetic married to tranquility.  Every brushstroke, whether you're painting squiggles of reflection or squares of movement, will hopefully bring joy and result in a canvas worthy of hanging on a wall.

We are very excited to add "Rise" as the newest addition to our Painting to Gogh catalog!


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