Every Bunny's Gone Fishin (New)
Every Bunny's Gone Fishin (New)

Every Bunny's Gone Fishin (New)

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Every Bunny's Gone Fishin is inspired by the night sky and the dream to have the moon only a fishing line distance away. It is a fabulous option for those who love bunnies, space, and fishing for little miracles.

Colors Used: Titanium White, Black, Burnt Umber, Violet, Bright Red and Ultramarine Blue (Included in Starter and Essentials Box)

Every Bunny's Gone Fishin' Sample Tutorial

Video Runtime: 1 Hour and 50 Minutes

Tutorial Taught By: Jasmine Cantu

Jasmin Cantu

Jasmin Cantu is an artist from South Texas artist who primarily works with acrylic, watercolor, and digital art. She has been a practicing artist for 3 years now and has been teaching step-by-step paintings for about a year. She loves to teach because it gives her a chance to show others that with effort they can make paintings that are beautiful and unique to their own style. You can follow her on social media by searching @artofjoyjasmin.

What's in the box?

 Materials Starter Box Essentials Box
Video Tutorial
Acrylic Paints
16x20 Canvas
Paintbrush Set

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I had the best time painting this. Great teacher!
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