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Affiliate Program

How does the affiliate program work?
We use multiple affiliate services to attract interested marketing programs. These programs use "cookies" to track clicks to our website, which it later matches up with completed sales. Once a match is made, this is considered a "conversion".
Where should I place my referral link? Where do customers order from?
The referral link is a specialized hyperlink to the home page of our website. The reason the link is specialized is because it talks to the affiliate program website to track when a user has placed an order. You can place the hyperlink wherever you like, since it is unique it will be traceable. Once a user is on our site any purchase made within 14 days will be attributed to your account. The user must have cookies enabled in their browser for us to attribute a sale.
How do I sign up to become an affiliate?
Use the link below to sign up as an affiliate - we are currently using Refersion to process referral payments.
How much do I get paid to be an affiliate?
We pay our affiliates 10% of total sales referred by you. Sales are considered final after the 30 day return period has expired to ensure that referrals are genuine. Payments are made automatically via PayPal after the product return period ends.
How do I login to my Painting to Gogh Affiliate Program account?
Our affiliate program service offers a dashboard you can login to - there is a dedicated to track real-time progress of sales. Once you have registered using the link provided above - use the following URL to login to your Painting to Gogh Affiliate Program account -
Do you have any images that can be used for marketing?
Feel free to use media from our social media accounts or any images from our website.
Are there any additional rules to follow for the Painting to Gogh Affiliate Program?
Proper business conduct/ethics is very important to us, exhibiting professional and/or uplifting candor, preventing malicious marketing tactics (NO spamming), protecting the Painting to Gogh trademark, and protecting our brand image. Please review the detailed Terms and Conditions page during signup process to learn more.
Does the order total include Shipping and Tax?
No - your payment percentage only includes the base product total.
What happens to my payment if someone uses a discount code?
You will receive the agreed upon percentage of sales on the discounted price.
How long does a cookie last?
A cookie lasts for 14 days.