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Artist Platform FAQs

Artist Platform Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get paid?
We make sure our artists make money every time someone purchases their painting. After your first painting tutorial is approved Painting to Gogh will issue you a one-time $100 cash advance. Our artists receive 10% of sales on physical products of from their paintings, and 50% of sales of the video-only product.
What kind of exposure will I get?

Along with having your art featured on our website, we will feature you in our "About the Artist" section where we are happy to provide links to your social media pages or website.

What are the guidelines for recording the video?
Use a high resolution camera (most iPhones and iPads will work). Ensure the lighting is good and that the camera is placed such that it is easy to see the easel and what you are doing. Make sure your voice is audible and that there isn't any background noise.
Will I need to edit the video?
No! The Painting to Gogh team will handle any video edits necessary. See our Starry Night video tutorial below as an example.
Will the painting need to be approved?
Yes, please send us an image of the painting before creating the tutorial. We strongly recommend choosing a painting you have done in the past so it is easier to demonstrate during the tutorial.
Have a question that's not listed here?
Use the contact us form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you shortly.