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Painting to Gogh Reviews

Some reviews from Painting to Gogh customers

"I got my daughter and I each a painting for Christmas in order to have fun and spend some quality time together. I picked out this painting for her, as she loves owls. She was a little apprehensive at first, worrying that she was going to mess things up and wouldn't like the results. Part way into it, she relaxed and really started enjoying herself, even getting a little creative with her tree. By the time she was finished, she was surprised that not only did she love it, but that she'd actually created a beautiful painting. It was a great experience for us and one we will repeat again with a different painting. :)"
- Erica, UT  
"Painting to Gogh offers a one of a kind experience! From the high quality supplies to the easy to follow tutorial, painting to Gogh has truly thought of every detail so that you don't have to! This made for an amazing girls night, and I look forward to using it again!"
- Megan, IL  
"Painting to Gogh was an absolute delight to use. My wife and I used the service for a date night and were very happy with the experience. The tutorial was very easy to follow along and the paintings turned out great! Will definitely be trying out another painting in the near future."
- Jordan, TX  
"I've never been complimented for any artwork I made in the 23 years of my life. When I finished this painting, I was getting compliments from my parents, sister, and this boy I know. The steps in the video were very easy to follow that it made me feel like a real artist. It took me about 2 hours with my friends, but it was a blast and I will definitely do this again when I get the chance. Don't forget, you can always pause the video (we paused it about 58 times)."
- Michelle, IL
"I've done a couple Painting to Goghs, but this was definitely the most detailed/complex one. I was worried I wouldn't be able to make the jar look realistic, but I love how it ended up turning out. This painting gave me a fun activity to do over a few days. Painting to Gogh has actually inspired me to paint on my own. It taught me techniques that I have been able to use to create my own paintings."
- Ashley, IL
"Painting this was such a great experience! Being able to do this at home with friends was so much fun, and the painting turned out beautifully! The video was easy to follow and great quality. I love this painting and couldn't wait to hang it up! I am already planning my next painting night with friends!" 
-Carolyn, IL


"Whether for a date night, a night with friends, or as a hobby...this is the perfect gift for anyone looking to have a good time. Received the package on time, all materials needed to complete the painting were included, and the instructional video was very easy to follow. Would definitely recommend to friends and family. Excited to check out the other videos!"
- Vivek, PA


"I had so much fun painting this for my dorm! The whole process was fun and easy - my materials arrived quickly and the tutorial video was simple enough for a beginner to follow. I'm so happy with the final result and I can't wait to hang it up!"

-Abhiksha, DC

Why try out Painting to Gogh?

We provide a wide collection of fun painting experiences that anyone can follow along to.  Additionally, all of our materials are top notch - we want to make sure you can keep reusing your art supplies long after your first use.  We also donate a portion of our proceeds to help different art based charities!  Oh yeah, we deliver the whole experience to your doorstep as well - so you don't have to worry about anything other than enjoying art!