White Lilies
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White Lilies

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Create your own version of white lilies being bathed in light, surrounded by vibrant colors. The brushstrokes are intentionally broad and multi-directional. Perhaps this might remind you of your colorful and playful times with a coloring book! Bright reds contrasted with white lilies makes for a joyful visual treat, and hopefully will help enliven your space!

Colors Used:Titanium White, Chrome Yellow, Warm Red, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Ultramarine Blue (Included in Starter and Essentials Box)

White Lilies Sample Tutorial

Video Runtime: 59:02 (Does not include time for breaks)

Tutorial Taught By: Saket Agarwal

Saket Agarwal - Artist Platform

Saket Agarwal is originally from Nepal, currently based in Boston, he is passionate about all forms of art. He has a minor in Fine Arts and paints in acrylics or oils, or draws using charcoal. He is excited to venture into teaching!

What's in the box?

 Materials Starter Box Essentials Box
Video Tutorial
Acrylic Paints
16x20 Canvas
Paintbrush Set
High Quality Materials

We provide high quality materials in our Starter Box so that you can resuse your easel and paintbrushes for multiple painting experiences.