20 Acrylic Painting Ideas for Kids That They’re Sure To Love

Children of all ages love painting activities. The process of taking a blank paper or canvas and creating something colorful sparks a lot of creativity in today's children. Preschoolers through teenagers can benefit from painting projects. 

Art projects and craft ideas using paint get creative juices flowing, help with visual processing, and boost self-esteem, fine motor skills, and confidence. An art activity can also help little ones rest and relax a little. 

Yet many children struggle to paint because they don't think they know the right painting techniques. These painting ideas will move them past finger painting and into more sophisticated work with their paint brushes.

Why Acrylic Paints is a Kid-friendly Art Project

Kids' crafts come in all shapes and sizes. You probably remember a few pieces of art made from cotton balls, coffee filters, Q-tips, and toilet paper tubes that came home with your child from school. Yet acrylic painting is different. 

With acrylic painting lessons, you can watch as your child creates a masterpiece that you want to proudly display in your home. Many easy painting ideas for kids create stunning pieces of art, and when you choose acrylic paints as the source of that art, you enjoy several benefits.

Acrylic paints are a great choice for kids' first art supplies because they come in so many different colors and are completely washable. You can squirt a few on a paper plate as a palette, and the child can start painting with easy clean-up at the end.

These paints are non-toxic, making them a safer option for young children who may not always wash their hands well. They are also water-soluble, which makes them easier to clean. They are quick-drying as well, so kids can learn the basics of painting and create beautiful works of art without undue frustration.

Because acrylic paints mix easily, they are a great choice to teach kids color theory and color mixing. Teachers and parents can use this type of liquid paint* for all types of art projects, including:

  • Scrape painting
  • Splatter paintings
  • Finger paintings 
  • Handprint art 
  • Pointillism projects
  • Process art 

No matter the painting project, you will find that the bright, bold colors of acrylic paints lend themselves to beautiful finished pieces of art. They are appealing to kids, and that means the kids will want to create bold paintings again and again.

Fun and Creative Painting Kits and Tutorials for Young Kids

Are you ready to get started with kids’ art projects? Here are some step-by-step painting tutorials that kids will love.

Young Kids Paintings 

Painting kits in our Junior Artist Line include a smaller 11x14 canvas and short-handled brushes, perfect for children aged 6+ years. 

1) Retro Robot Painting

Do you know a child who loves science or science fiction? Then this is the painting activity for them. The Retro Robot painting is ideal for beginners because it involves simple shapes connected with a few lines. The bold colors are popular with kids, and this fun painting activity idea lets you celebrate a love for STEM topics.


Get started with RetroRobot to enjoy this fun activity with your child.

2) Rudolph Painting

The holidays are a great time for fun painting ideas, and the Rudolph painting is a good option for events involving children. The friendly red-nosed reindeer has softly falling snow surrounding him as he prepares to lead Santa's sleigh into the night. This same painting idea would also work for a Christmas in July activity.

Grab the Rudolph painting kit today for some holiday joy.

3) My Little Unicorn Painting

My Little Unicorn is sure to bring a smile on the face of any young child. The rainbow mane gives your child the opportunity to explore color blending while have fun creating a vibrant piece of art, and the serene expression brings a sense of calm to the scene. Yet for your kid, it's the bold colors and fun design that make this an appealing painting selection.

Embrace some magic with the kids in your life with My Little Unicorn.

4) Ice Cream Oops Painting

Most kids can remember a time when they dropped their sweet treat on the ground and the tears that may have come as a result. This childhood experience is made a bit more fun and less tragic in Ice Cream Oops. The red and blue background lets this painting fit in any room, and you can practically taste the sweet chocolate sauce that drips across the canvas.

Relive a classic summer experience with Ice Cream Oops.

5) Friendly Fox Painting

What did the fox say? This painting kit won't tell you, but it will give you an excuse to create some fun art with the kids in your life. This tutorial teaches kids how to mix colors to create an orange-red that's just right for their fox, so you will be teaching some art skills while having so much fun.

Grab the Friendly Fox to start your painting project.

6) Purple Princess Painting

With her friendly smile and warm-hearted expression, the Purple Princess is a great addition to your royal playroom. This painting tutorial teaches mixing and customizing colors while children create the right shade for a realistic skin tone. Don't worry though, there's plenty of room for diversity while they combine and create.

Bring this whimsical princess to life by picking up Purple Princess today.

7) Rainbow Painting

Kids of all ages love rainbows, and parents know they are surprisingly simple to create. The Rainbow Painting Kit is an ideal art project even for the youngest artists, and the bold acrylic paint colors make a statement. Add fluffy clouds and a bright blue sky, and you have a lovely addition to any child's room.

Buy the Rainbow kit now for a pop of color and positivity. 

8) Ribbit Painting

The silly green frog in the Ribbit Painting is a little hungry, but that's fine since a fly just happens to be buzzing by. The colorful painting is easy for most kids because it uses simple shapes and basic color mixing and shading. You have plenty of room to let out your creativity by customizing the painting as well.

Hop on over to pick up Ribbit today.

9) 3-2-1 Blastoff 

The 3-2-1 Blastoff painting kit is a great painting idea for the little space explorers you know. A large rocket zooms through the galaxy, past Earth, Mars, Saturn, and the other planets in our solar system. This painting uses simple shapes and bright, bold colors against the dark color of space, making it a fun and simple art activity for any young child.

Pick up 3-2-1 Blastoff and shoot for the stars.  

More Advanced Kids Paintings 

These painting kits include a 16x20 canvas and long-handled brushes, which are perfect for older children aged 12+ years. 

10) Painted Elephant Painting

This elegant Painted Elephant painting would look great in any room of your home. The black canvas background perfectly offsets the blues, pinks, and teals that make up the elephant. Add some delicate lace for a truly stunning effect. You will love watching your child blend and merge colors to create a unique work of art.


If you’re looking for something more elegant for older children, choose Painted Elephant.

11) Nordic Gnome Painting

Don't let the snow dampen your enthusiasm for winter. This little gnome doesn't seem to mind it, and would be a fun art project for the kids in your life. The beautiful pine trees behind him are easier to create than you might think, and the painting is a fun addition to your winter decor.

Start painting with the kids in your life using Nordic Gnome.

12) Gingerbread House Painting

If you want a fun holiday activity you can practically taste, then try the Gingerbread House painting tutorial. The colorful candies set against the white snow depict a tasty treat, but don't try to lick it. The picture is made of paint, not pastries. Regardless, it is certain to bring a smile to the face of your kids (without the mess and sticky fingers of a real gingerbread house).

Forgo the baking and paint instead this holiday with the Gingerbread House

13) Simple Snowman Painting

This fat and jolly snowman is the perfect winter painting idea. The tutorial works for kids, but it also creates a finished product that adults will love as well. Simple Snowman has a bold blue background, crisp white snow, and even the silk top hat that hearkens back to Frosty himself.

If you’re planning a winter painting party for children, the Simple Snowman painting tutorial would be a great fit.

14) Great White Shark Painting

This is no baby shark, but the Great White Shark painting kit still has a smile on its face. We can't be sure if it's because of a hefty meal or because he's just a friendly guy, but regardless, this could be the right painting tutorial for older kids who don't want to paint flowers and nature.

Take a dive into painting with the Great White Shark.

15) Unicorn Sparkle Painting

The mother/daughter pair of unicorns practically gleams with glitter when you create this art project. You can see the magic and the love as they touch horns, sending sparks flying. This is a unique painting option because you can paint just one canvas, or you can paint two separate canvases and bring them together for a diptych painting.

Embrace magic and love with the Unicorn Sparkle painting kit.

16) Delightful Doodle Painting

Everyone loves a puppy, right? The Delightful Doodle painting tutorial lets you bring one to life on your canvas against a bold blue background. The texture on the fur is easier to create than you might think, making this work well for children and adults to do together. If you have a puppy lover in your life, this is the painting kit you want.

Pick up the Delightful Doodle to bring your own new best friend home, at least on canvas.

17) Space Explorer Painting

Let your child's imagination soar to a galaxy far away with the Space Explorer painting idea. You can create stars and even work a secret message into the painting with this option. If you have a science lover you're going to create a fun art project with, you can't go wrong with this brave astronaut.

Choose Space Explorer for an out-of-this world painting activity.

18) Colorful Unicorn Painting

Kids of all ages love unicorns, but sometimes older kids want a more sophisticated design. The Colorful Unicorn Painting Kit gives you that. With glitter on her eyelashes and a rainbow horn, this unicorn is a delight. Customize the color of the background and her mane to make the painting exactly what you want it to be. The sharp lines give it a more elegant feel than cartoon-style paintings, without losing the magic of a unicorn.

Choose Colorful Unicorn for a truly kid-friendly painting experience. 

19) Fire Dragon Painting

You can practically feel the fire coming off of the page with the Fire Dragon Painting. The bold orange and red scales make a statement as the dragon flies across the canvas. Your artistic child will be thinking about knights, princesses, and kingdoms far away while you paint this brave dragon.

Choose the Fire Dragon for a creative experience with a child who wants to create something unique. 

20) Lucky Leprechaun Painting

If you have a little Irish blood in you or if you will be painting around St. Patrick's Day, then Lucky Leprechaun may be the painting kit for you. Plenty of green contrasts beautifully with the red beard of this friendly little guy, and it is a great and fun way to celebrate your Irish heritage.

Don’t press your luck, but instead embrace it with the Lucky Leprechaun painting kit.


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