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Searching for income in between art shows and selling paintings? We support the artist pursuit of making a living creating art.

We partner with talented artists to help us create amazing video tutorials. Simply record a painting tutorial using your phone and share it with us. We pair your video tutorials with our supplies and deliver a unique paint from anywhere experience. You retain the rights to your art.

○ $250 cash advance once your tutorial is accepted
10% profit share on kits & 50% on video tutorials
○ Multiple artists made over $5,000 in 2020

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What are the next steps?

1.) Send us your name and email address using the form below and we will provide you with more details.

2.)Once your submit the form we will send you guidelines on how to create a sample video tutorial for the painting of your choice.

3.) Once your sample is approved you can record your video tutorial and it will be published on our website.

4.) To get an early start of our video tutorial flow, watch the Starry Night tutorial below and review our materials list.

Materials List (only use supplies listed below)
Synthetic brush types: Round 1 and 6, Bright 6, Filbert 8, and Flat 12
16x20 Canvas
Palette to mix paints
Following Acrylic colors: Titanium White, Black, Chrome Yellow, Chrome Orange, Warm Red, Bright Red, Ultramarine Blue, Green Oxide, Cobalt Blue, Warm Yellow, Pthalo Green, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre, Violet

Featured Artists

"I have LOVED partnering with Painting to Gogh. As an art instructor, I’m all about helping new painters find their inner artist and grow their creative confidence - and make some sweet paintings in the process! Painting to Gogh allows people to have art-making experiences wherever they are, and I love knowing that people all over the world are painting my designs along with me!" Amy B. - Artist Partner

"I was initially nervous as I had never taught an acrylic painting before, but recording on my phone was a lot easier than I thought it would be! I'm excited for people to enjoy my painting on their own." Amber - Artist Partner

Artist Platform Frequently Asked Questions

Most questions you have about our Artist Platform can be answered through our FAQs section below. If you still have questions feel free to contact us using the form below.

We make sure our artists make money every time someone purchases their painting. After your first painting tutorial is approved Painting to Gogh will issue you a one-time $250 cash advance. Our artists receive 10% of sales on physical products of from their paintings, and 50% of sales of the video-only product.

Along with having your art featured on our website, we will feature you in our "About the Artist" section where we are happy to provide links to your social media pages or website. People across the world will get a chance to paint with you!

Use a high resolution camera (most newer phones and tablets will work - 720p resolution and above). Ensure the lighting is good and that the camera is placed such that it is easy to see the easel and what you are doing. Make sure your voice is audible and that there isn't any background noise.

No! The Painting to Gogh team will handle any video edits necessary. See our Starry Night video tutorial above as an example All you need to to is record the video tutorial and send it our way, we will handle all the editing.

Yes, please send us an image of the painting before creating the tutorial. We strongly recommend choosing a painting you have done in the past so it is easier to demonstrate during the tutorial.