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Painting to Gogh is the first art platform to deliver easy to follow acrylic painting tutorials along with all the art supplies needed to follow along. 

We are partnering with talented artists across the U.S to help us create amazing video tutorials. Simply record a painting tutorial using your phone and share it with us. We pair artist supplied video tutorials with our supplies and deliver a one of a kind paint at home experience.

Record it once and make money every time someone purchases it! Our artists receive a revenue share from every product we sell (10% on physical products, 50% on video products, $100 cash advance once your video tutorial is accepted).

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Watch the Starry Night video tutorial below and review our materials list.

Materials List (only use supplies listed below)
-Synthetic brush types: Round 1 and 6, Bright 6, Filbert 8, and Flat 12
- 16x20 Canvas
- Palette to mix paints
- Acrylic colors from the following list: Titanium White, Black, Chrome Yellow, Chrome Orange, Warm Red, Bright Red, Ultramarine Blue, Green Oxide, Cobalt Blue, Warm Yellow, Pthalo Green, Ultra Blue, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre, Violet

Starry Night Video Tutorial

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