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About Us

ainting to Gogh was created with one objective in mind and that is to make art more accessible.  We are achieving that goal by doing the following: providing digital art instructions that can be played anywhere at anytime and delivering the art materials to your doorstep.  We also seek to provide art education to those that don't have access to it through working with our charity partners.

Our story began in the summer of 2015 when Shashin was planning a paint night for him and his wife.  Shashin didn't know where to begin in terms of finding tutorials or painting supplies to buy, and had no prior experience with painting.  He couldn't find a service which enabled people to have a seamless paint night at home.

Shashin pitched the idea to his friends Vikas & Jess, founders of Arts n Spirits - a popular paint and sip shop in Chicago, IL.  Combining Shashin's idea and Jess and Vikas' art experience, Painting to Gogh was born.

In the last decade, the value of arts has been overlooked in education through the lack of funding. We want to use Painting to Gogh as a vehicle to bring back the joy of art and help people find their inner artist.

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Our Team

Shashin Patel

Vikas Chokshi

Jessica Hess

Michael Welburn