Painting to Gogh was created with the following goal in mind: to provide customers with a fun and creative outlet. We believe that everyone has a creative side and we want to help you uncover it!

No matter where you live or how much painting experience you have, our experience is easy to follow & convenient. We deliver painting kits with all the art supplies and a step-by-step video tutorial from an experienced artist to homes nationwide.   

We support the mission of artists to live creatively and partner with artists across the US to create the paintings in our growing catalog. We've painted with over 100,000+ customers across the U.S and hope to do the same with you soon. We also seek to provide art education to those that don't have access through collaboration with our charity partners. For all press inquiries and press coverage email us at info@paintingtogogh.com


Lori Ehlke

Lori Ehlke is a Wisconsin-based artist and Art Educator. She has taught art in schools, camps, community centers, and in homes. She enjoys painting portraits in watercolor and has written and illustrated a few books. Lori loves to paint and share her love of art with others.

Whitney Horrocks

Whitney is painter based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She owns Smartest Artist, an art education studio for children and adults. Whitney loves teaching video tutorials through Painting to Gogh, so she can reach artists all over the world!

Corban Brauer

Hailing from Chattanooga Tennessee, Corban is an artist, painter, ceramicist, and art teacher. He loves painting, pasta, and puns. Corban enjoys sharing his joy of painting with others.

Wendy Anderson

Wendy is a lifelong artist, mother, and dog mom from Southern California who has worked in almost all art mediums. Acrylic paintings made to inspire everyone to paint are her specialty. She is most influenced by the styles of impressionism and surrealism, and her teaching style is for all levels of skill with a touch of inspiration from Bob Ross.

Juan Scribe

Juan is an educator with over 10 years of experience in different fields, including general and special education, as well as private and group art classes. Juan believes that every person has vast artistic and creative potential. He founded Ethereal Arts Studio based in New York City.

Taylor Walker

Taylor Walker is a Fine Artist & Illustrator specializing in custom pet & family portraits, greeting cards, illustration, encaustics, and Welcome Boards. She's also an avid animal lover that uses her art to fundraise with local animal welfare organizations like Indy Humane and The Indianapolis Zoo.

Jessica Hess

Jessica Hess is a Chicago area based artist & Art Educator. She was the founder of Chicagoland's first Paint and Sip shop called Arts n Spirits! She loves teaching acrylic painting.

Claudia DeCasas

Claudia DeCasas is an experienced painting instructor and caricature artist. Claudia also has a passion for pets and works for a Seattle based pet rescue. Thanks to the flexibility of Painting to Gogh, she is now able to rescue animals AND teach art!

Katie Case

Katie Case is an artist, elementary teacher, and professional mess-maker from Chattanooga, TN. Her favorite thing about painting is how easily the personality of the artist (both kids and adults) is captured with every piece!

Amy Brauer

Amy Brauer is an artist from Chattanooga, TN. (If you listen closely, you might catch her saying “y’all” now and then, bless her heart!) When she’s not teaching painting, you’ll find her planning parties, cooking Italian food, and creating custom pet portraits. Amy loves painting so much, she always signs her paintings with a kiss!

Dan Macdonald

Dan Macdonald is a multifaceted artist from Chicago with his own art studio. He paints acrylics, oils, and also sells digital art such as logos and posters. He has taught paint lessons privately and studios for 8+ years. When he's not creating art, his other passion is playing musical instruments.

Randy Martinez

Randy Martinez is one of today's most popular artists in the pop culture arts. Known for his extensive artwork for popular companies like Lucasfilm (Star Wars, Indiana Jones), Marvel, and The San Francisco Giants, Randy’s art has appeared on just about everything you can imagine, all over the world.


Shashin Patel
Majesh Abraham
Jessica Hess