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Painting Class For Two Delivered to Your Doorstep

Don't just watch another movie, make it a date night to remember with Painting to Gogh!  We provide access to our easy to follow digital video tutorials along with all the art materials used in the tutorials in our painting kits.  Paint your own masterpieces or paint together to create a diptych (two canvases put together to create one image).

Paint Together

Want to paint together rather than doing two identical paintings separately?  Try a diptych!  Turn your canvases vertically and paint two halves of the painting - when placed together, your canvases will create one image.  You can enjoy this experience with any of the paintings listed below (Starter Box for 2 is required to do this)!

Paint Night at Home

Don't want to do a diptych?

You also have the option of doing the same painting on your own (make it a contest) or pick two different paintings.

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What's In The Box?