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We Deliver a Date Night to Remember

Enjoy a fun & creative painting date night from the comforts of home. Our couples paint night kits include all the art supplies and an artist led tutorial for you to host your own private painting date night!

Perfect for couples who are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions. You can even paint on a double date with friends. No reservations necessary!

How Painting to Gogh Works

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Order Two Painting Kits

Select a painting from our art catalog, and purchase two Studio Kits or two Essential Kits. You'll receive two sets of supplies (one for you and your partner) and an artist-led tutorial for your painting date night.

Receive your Supplies

You'll receive our kits in 1 to 5 business days. The artist-led tutorial can be watched on a phone, tablet, laptop or any
internet-connected device any time you want.

Paint your Masterpiece

Our on-demand tutorials make it easy for couples to rewatch instructions, catch up with each other, or take a break to have some wine! Paintings typically take 1 to 2 hours to complete.


Want to paint together collaboratively on the same painting rather than painting two different paintings separately? Try any of our two canvas painting!

"So. Much. Fun."

"Painting to Gogh made our date night one for the books in the comfort of our own home with just the company of each other. The video tutorial was easy to follow and our paintings came out great. Can’t wait to do it again!!"
Review By - Chelsea Drake

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Why Painting to Gogh?

Connect with your Date

Our kits allow you to chat, collaborate, and connect over a creative activity all from the comforts and privacy of home.

Fun & Easy to Follow

Our diverse team of instructors guide every step of your painting experience, making each class easy to follow and fun.

Fits Into Your Schedule

Got a busy schedule? Paint what you want and whenever you want! Our video tutorials can be played any time you're ready.

Which Kit Should I Order?

Painting To Gogh Kit Comparison

Plan out your painting date night

We've put together a easy to follow guide on how to host the perfect date night using our couples painting kits.