Girls' Night with Painting to Gogh

One of our customers shared her amazing experience using Painting to Gogh for a girls' night activity.

A few of my friends and I were planning a girls night and weren't sure what to do, but we wanted to do something different and low key. All of us wanted to do a paint night, but because of our schedules, we weren't able to find a day/time that was convenient for everyone.  That's when I started searching for different things we could do and I came across Painting to Gogh.

It was a seamless process from beginning to end. It couldn't be any easier. Their website was very easy to follow and they had a nice selection of paintings. I think the hardest part was all of us agreeing on one painting. We were able to choose a painting we all liked and the materials were all shipped to my house, making it rather convenient.

We chose to do Starry Night! I just love this classic painting and wanted my rendition for our home. I ordered a Studio Kit and everything was neatly packaged. Each kit included a canvas, paint brushes, an easel, the paints, a palette, and an apron. We had a total of 3 girls, so I decided to play the video tutorial on my TV so that everyone could see it. You could easily do it off of your phone, tablet or computer as well.

I set up the kits prior to the girls' arrival to save some time. A few additional items were needed, but they were readily available: a cup of water for the paint brushes and paper towels. Easy peasy!

In addition to our paint night, we decided to have a nice spread of munchies to go along with our paint night full of wine, cheese, sliders, dips, and of course, desserts. Once all the girls had arrived, we dived right in. We opened up our paint canisters and started following the video tutorial. Some of the paints were more difficult to take out than others, so it is helpful to keep a plastic spoon handy. I was really impressed with the quality of the paint brushes, the easel, and the video tutorial. It was so nice to be able to pause and rewind (which we had to do multiple times!!)  It allowed everyone to go at their own pace and not feel rushed.

Let's face it. I am a planner. One thing that was really helpful as the host was that I glanced at the video prior to the paint night.  This allowed me to plan the breaks better for when we had to wait 10-15 minutes for the canvas to dry. Perfect time to take a break and dig into our delicious buffalo chicken sliders and spinach artichoke dip!

I have been to a paint and sip shop before and they can get crowded and loud. It was so much more enjoyable to be in an intimate setting with my girlfriends. As we were painting, the transformation of the painting after each step was an exciting part of the experience. We would take breaks to admire each other's work and take pictures of our progress.

Although we were all painting the same image, everyone had their own unique style that made their painting their own.  I was impressed with how everyone's paintings turned out! Some of the girls were nervous because they aren't very artistic, but everyone had a great experience. All the paintings looked amazing! This truly is an experience for any beginner!  Our final products:

The entire experience took us roughly about 2-1/2 hours with lots of breaks full of conversation, wine, and food. I was also surprised that the whole experience was not messy at all! We may have had an accident or two (which is bound to happen), but everything as a whole was an easy cleanup.  (**Another tip: the canvases come wrapped in a brown paper. Keep the paper! It's perfect to use as a pseudo tablecloth to prevent any major messes.)

We ended the night by topping off our glasses and devouring some monster cookie bars while taking many pictures with our paintings!! This was such an enjoyable experience, that I am already planning the next one! The hardest part... choosing the next painting!! Fireflies... or Peacock?!