Host an Unforgettable Office Teambuilding Event with Our Painting Kits!

California Dreamin Team Event


Are you looking to strengthen team bonds and boost morale in your workplace? Look no further than hosting an in-person painting party with our Painting to Gogh kits! This creative and engaging activity is perfect for fostering collaboration and camaraderie among your team members.

Why Choose a Painting Party for Teambuilding?

  • Encourages Creativity and Innovation: A painting party allows employees to tap into their creative side, which can inspire fresh ideas and innovative thinking in the workplace.

  • Reduces Stress: Engaging in a relaxing and enjoyable activity like painting can help reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

  • Builds Team Spirit: A painting party is a unique and memorable way to bring your team together, creating lasting memories and a positive work environment.

How to Order for an Office Painting Party

  1. Select a Painting. Choose a painting theme that resonates with your team. It could be a landscape, seasonal theme or anything that resonates with your company. Custom painting options are also available
  2. Choose the tutorial type. The pre-recorded tutorial video included in each kit and pause and play as needed. If you opt for the virtual live instructor, our professional art instructors will guide your team through each step of the painting process. 
  3. Order your kits. We recommend ordering two weeks before your event to allow for delivery ahead of time.  You'll need one kit per painter - our Studio Kit is the most popular and includes an easel to support the canvas as you paint. 
  4. Plan your event time. Most tutorials take between 1 to 2 hours to complete and have dry breaks built in - you can find specific details about your painting on our tips page here.


Steps to Make Your Event a Success

1. Choose an appropiate space: Select a spacious area in your office that can accommodate your team comfortably and has space for the art supplies. You can choose to display the tutorial on a large screen or participants can watch on their own computers, laptops or tablets. 

2. Set Up: Arrange tables the art supplies in the kit along with water cups and paper towels (not included in the kit). 

Team Space with tables
4. Make some predictions with ice breakers. 
  • Who is your team's Bob Ross and the natural artist?
  • Who is the most creative and will stray from the tutorial the most?
While following the tutorial, encourage team members to share ideas and have fun!
5. Showcase the Art: Once the paintings are complete, have each person share their work. You can display them in a common area of your office to celebrate the team's collective creativity or have each member take it home. 

    Customer Testimonials

    "We had such a fun time creating for our staff holiday party! Quite a few of the participants said that they had always wanted to do a painting party, but never got around to it. We all had a ton of fun following along and seeing what our creations looked like at the end of it all". - Jennifer.

    "Our team at work got together to paint our first painting via tutorial and we all had a great time. We enjoyed how relaxing it was and how we could go at our own pace with the pre-recorded video tutorial. We as a team bounced new ideas for painting techniques off of each other and we had a fun time seeing everyone's end results. It was amazing to see how we all had the same products and watched the same tutorial, but each ended with very different but still gorgeous paintings." - Liz


    Transform your next teambuilding event into a creative and engaging experience with our painting kits. Perfect for fostering teamwork, reducing stress, and inspiring innovation, a painting party is a unique way to bring your team together. Order your kits today and get ready to unleash your team's creativity!