Guide to Hosting Your Own Paint Party at Home with Painting to Gogh Kits

Hosting a painting party at home can feel overwhelming. Luckily, with the help of Painting to Gogh, it can be quite easy! All you have to do is order our Studio or Essentials kits for the painting of your choice - and we'll ship the supplies directly to your home!

1. Select a painting and order painting kits.

In fact, the first step might be the most challenging: agreeing on what you should paint. 

For Adults and kids aged 13 and up

Check out our growing catalog of paintingsOnce you've decided on a tutorial, order one kit (Studio or Essentials) for every painter in your group.

Both kits come with all the necessary supplies to paint including a set of paintbrushes, 16 x 20 canvas, paints, cardboard palette, disposable apron and access to an artist-led video tutorial. The Studio Kit also includes a re-usable aluminum easel which offers the best painting experience.

For Kids aged 6 to 12

Check out our Junior Artist collection which has designs and supplies specifically curated for younger kids. Once you've selected a tutorial, order one Junior Artist kit per painter. 

The Junior Artist comes with a set paintbrushes, 16 x 20 canvas, cardboard easel, paints, cardboard palette, disposable apron and access to an artist-led video tutorial.


Once you order the kits - standard shipping - which is free for paint party orders - will deliver the kits in 3 to 6 business days.

2. Decide how to watch the artist-led video tutorial

Painting Party Tutorial being watched on big screenParticipants watching tutorial together on big screen

After the order, you'll instantly receive an e-mail with the link for a streaming artist-led video tutorial on how to paint the specific artwork you chose. This video tutorial can be played on any device with a internet-connected browser including phone, tablet, laptop, or smart TV (such as Chromecast or Apple TV).

If participants are watching the same painting, everyone can watch the tutorial on a big screen. If painting different paintings, participants can choose to watch the tutorial on their own device such as a phone, tablet or laptop next to their painting station.

3. Protect your surfaces

Kids Birthday Party
Kids painting for birthday party

If you are using a table that you don't mind getting paint on - no protection needed. Otherwise, we suggest protecting your painting surface just in case there are spills. You probably have tons of items lying around your house that can serve as a makeshift tablecloth -- perhaps some old newspapers can suffice.

4. Set up paint stations with water cups and paper towels 

Painting Kit with Brushes and Paper Towel
Paint Station with Water Cup and Paper Towels

We provide all the art-supplies in our kits - what you won't find is a cup for water and paper towels/napkins. Those you will have to provide and are necessary for cleaning the brushes while painting. Luckily they are common household items almost everyone has on hand. It's best to have the water cups and paper towels ready for each person at their painting station.

5. Paint and have fun

Outdoor Painting Party

Now that you are set-up up your stations - you are ready to have a great time! As shown in the paint night tips page on our package insert, each tutorial comes with built in dry breaks which are great times for snacking and getting refills on drinks.  The best part about the Painting to Gogh experience is that you can pause and rewind as much as you want! Feel free to pause the video so everyone can take their time with their own paintings. You can also rewind for those that may need additional instruction.

It's best to allow about 2-3 hours total because of the breaks/pauses/rewinds for your party.

Ready to get started? 

If you’re ready to get started with your own painting party, be sure to check out our shop. 

You’ll find a large selection of both traditional and modern masterpieces. If your guests are new to painting, we recommend our Studio Kits, which features all the supplies they’ll need. If they plan to bring their own easels and brushes, then you can save money by purchasing an Refill Kit.