How To Care For Your Paintbrushes

Ever wonder why your old paintbrushes become frayed or crusty? Taking care of your paintbrushes is key to increasing the lifetime of the paintbrush. Here are some insider tips to keep those paintbrushes good as new!


Clean your brushes right away

When you are done painting with a particular brush, you should clean it right away to avoid paint drying on the bristles. Best way to clean them is to place the bristles on a paper towel or rag and squeeze out the excess paint.  Swish the brush around in your water cup to remove any leftover paint.  Repeat these 2 steps one more time to remove as much paint as possible. To remove the stubborn paint, go to the sink and use lukewarm water and a mild soap. Use your fingers to remove any leftover paint.  Squeeze out the excess water with a paper towel or a rag.  Let your paintbrush dry before storing.

Never let the paint dry out on your paintbrush

It is important to always keep your brush wet or moist.  The longer the paint is allowed to dry on the brush, the harder the paint will become and the more difficult it will be to remove.  Dried acrylic paint can ruin the brush turning it into a crusty stump.

Don't rest your brushes bristles down

Never leave your paintbrush with the hairs down in a cup of water for an extended amount of time. This causes the hair to bend or fray.  Instead, rinse your brush and lay it flat on the cup or on a paper towel.

Hand soap is better than dish soap to clean your brushes

Dish soap can often times have strong chemicals that are too harsh for the delicate hairs of an artist's paintbrush. Hand soap is much milder and healthier for the longevity of the paintbrush.

Never get paint on the ferrule.

What's a ferrule you make ask? The ferrule is the silvery/gold part that connects the hairs/bristles of the paintbrush to the wooden handle.  When a large blob of paint gets in this area, the bristles of the brush start to spread apart and become frayed.

anatomy of a paintbrush


Follow these rule to keep your paintbrushes in tip-top shape for your next painting!