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Painting Data Night Experience

Overdue for a date night? We have all been in that situation where we get so consumed with our busy lives that we forget that sometimes we need a good old-fashioned date night!  We could go out to dinner or go watch another movie, but occasionally we want to try something new and different. 

Painting to Gogh offers a great date night experience that delivers a painting class to your home!  It is great for those nights that you can't find a sitter or those rainy days that you don't want to leave the house.  You have the option to choose from a growing catalog of paintings and paint your own individual masterpieces or paint together to create a diptych.  A diptych is two canvases put together to create one image to make one large art piece.  


Friday We're In Love - Date Night at Home

We reached out to one of favorite date night idea blogs "Friday We're in Love",  to get feedback on their paint at home experience using Painting to Gogh.

Here is an excerpt from their blog: "One of the downsides to being new parents is the amount of time we're able to leave the house when we do get a sitter, and some of our favorite dates like art classes have been something we've had to put on hold. We've definitely found a need to find a date night in where we can put the baby to bed and can do something in. I know we're not alone- this is our #1 most requested type of date from readers."

Read the full review at:
Friday We're in Love

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