Virtual Date Night with Painting to Gogh

Virtual Date Night Paint Kit

Looking to host a fun, virtual date night?

Just because you’re practicing social distancing or in a long-distance relationship, it doesn't mean you can't have a romantic date night together! We make it easy and safe to host a couple’s art night.

Painting to Gogh will ship acrylic painting kits directly to you and your partner at home, supply links to our on-demand and professionally taught art lessons, and provide everything you need to host a virtual date night from the comfort and safety of your own home!

4 easy steps to hosting a couple’s art night, virtually

Step 1: Select your art kits 

You and your partner should each select a painting from our catalog and order the Starter Kit. The art kit will contain all the art supplies you need to create your own masterpiece, including a quality brush set and even an easel. 

Having trouble agreeing on a painting? With Painting to Gogh, that’s not a problem! You and your date can each select the painting of your choice. Order one to ship to you and the second Starter Kit to ship to your partner. Both of you will receive the art materials at home in 3 to 4 days.

Step 2: Choose when/where to host your couple’s paint night 

It’s time to start planning your virtual painting date. Begin by selecting a time that’s convenient for each of you. We recommend setting aside a minimum of two hours. This will allow time for your paint to dry, to revisit sections of the tutorials you might have missed, or to simply catch up with your partner. 

Next, figure out how you will virtually talk to each other. You have a number of options at your disposal; however, we recommend communicating via video whether that’s a meeting platform like Zoom or an app like FaceTime. 

Step 3: Watch our date night painting tutorials 

Our video tutorials will be sent via email link. When you are ready for the date to start, play the tutorial on any internet-connected device (phone, computer, tablet, Apple TV, Chromecast). We recommend using a different device than the one you are using to talk to your friends for an optimal experience.

Pro-tip: If you’re painting the same artwork, consider scanning the tutorial in advance. This will help you better plan your date night, as you can identify areas where you’ll need to let your paint dry. These breaks are the perfect opportunity to plan special surprises your partner will love.   

Step 4: Have fun  

That brings us to the final and most important step: add your own touches and have a blast! Here are just a few examples of how you can add a little fun to your event:

  • Order a meal from your favorite restaurant or try world-class cuisine using a food-shipping service like Goldbelly  
  • Send your partner a matching wine and cheese kit to enjoy as you paint 
  • Plan activities during the breaks. If it’s a new relationship, consider some fun ice breakers. 

Your date will be so much fun, you'll want to do it again! We've got you covered for that too - repeat customers only need to order our Essentials Kit.

Ready to host your own virtual painting date?

If you’re ready to host your own virtual date night, you’ve come to the right place. To get started, check out our Date Night painting collection. You can choose from traditional works like Lovebirds at Dusk to quirky pieces like Lovestruck Robots. Either way, it’s sure to be a big hit. 

Plan a Romantic Date night now!