Guide to hosting a virtual team building event with Painting to Gogh

Virtual Team Building, made easy!

Virtual Team Building Paint Party

Now a days, remote teams are looking for fun ways to interact with their teammates whether they live across town or across the country. At Painting to Gogh, we’ve made it easy for teams to engage with each other in a fun and creative way from the comforts of home.  

We ship acrylic painting kits directly to you and your teammates so you can hang out, sip some wine, and focus on the most important part: having fun! 


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 Tips for throwing a virtual team building activity

In order to help you make the most of your Painting to Gogh experience, we’ve put together some helpful tips.


With so many great pieces to choose from, this could be the most challenging part of planning your event. Luckily, we’ve made the selection process fun and easy, too. 

You can browse our entire art collection in our gallery. Our flexible painting kits allow participants can pick the same painting or different painting for your team building event. 

Note: If choosing the live instructor option, participants will need to select the same painting.

Virtual Team Building Event with Different Paintings

Virtual Teambuilding Event with Different Paintings

Everyone will receive all the art materials at their homes in 3 to 5 business days. We recommend ordering at least two weeks in advance of your event date to allow for everyone to receive their kits ahead of time.

Supplies Set up for Painting Tutorial

Supplies and Two Display Set-up for Virtual Event


Our kits put you in control and you can select a time that works for your entire team (even if team members are in different time zones).

If you choose the live instructor option, our instructor will join your call to guide you through the painting. With our pre-recorded tutorials, you'll receive the same instruction as a virtual live instructor, but with the added ability to pause and rewind as needed.

Tutorials for groups typically take between 1.5 to 2 hours and our tutorials are compatible with all video conferencing platforms including Zoom, Teams, and Webex. 

Option 1: If painting the same painting, one participant can share the tutorial so everyone can watch on one screen.

Participants sharing a screen to watch a painting party tutorial on Zoom

Participants watching same tutorial on shared screen using Zoom

Option 2: Recommended for larger groups (10+) or when participants select different paintings.

Each participant can watch the tutorial on their own separate browser, tablet or mobile device. You still use the video call to talk to each other freely as you paint.

Participants watching tutorial on one screen and virtual call on second monitor. 
Have a group more than 20? As with any large video call, you might consider using smaller breakout rooms to encourage participants to engage with each other more during the call. You can always come back as a large group to share status updates or for icebreakers. 


Make this event your own with some personal touches, and have a blast! As found here, each tutorial has built in breaks for paint drying and our tutorials can be paused as needed. That offers the perfect opportunity for wine tastings, icebreakers, or sharing progress on your masterpieces. Here are some some suggestions for icebreaker activities

- Guess Who: Ask a survey question before the meeting (i.e proudest childhood accomplishment) and have participants guess whom the answer belongs to.

- Virtual Bingo: Pick 3 things that commonly happen during a virtual meeting. The first person to identify all 3 wins!

- Group Mad Lib: Have one participant start a prompt for a story and each participant should add to the story.


Virtual Holiday Teambuilding event with Different Winter Paintings

The best is for last - share your masterpieces with each other and us (tag @paintingtogogh). You can even pick some winners (most artistic, most abstract) at the end for more fun!

Ready to host your own virtual team building event?