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Majestic Peacock

  • Full of strong vivid colors and a background of circular motions with color blending, Majestic Peacock highlights the beauty of the male peacock and its brilliant plumage. Although this painting looks a bit more challenging, with our step by step digital video tutorial, you’ll be able to create your own rendition of the majestic peacock!

    Colors Used: Titanium White, Black, Pthalo Green, Burnt Sienna, Chrome Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Chrome Orange, Bright Red (Included in Starter and Essentials Box)

    Tutorial By: Jessica Hess 

  • Jessica Hess - Painting to Gogh Instructor
    Jessica Hess is a Chicago area based artist & Art Educator. She was a founder of Chicagoland's first Paint and Sip shop, called Arts n Spirits! She loves teaching acrylic painting tutorials.

Materials included in Starter Box and Essentials Box shown below (please scroll).

Majestic Peacock Sample Tutorial

Video Runtime: 42:12 (Does not include time for breaks)

What's In The Box?


Starter Box (First Time) Essentials Box (Reorder) Video Only
Digital Video Tutorial
Acrylic Paints
16" x 20" Canvas
Aluminum Easel
Paintbrush Set (5 Brushes)

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