How To Have an Epic Bachelorette Paint Party (Supplies, Ideas, and More)

Are you looking for a unique, epic idea for a bachelorette party? A paint party could be just the event you’re looking for. Not only are paint parties a great twist on the traditional bachelorette party, but they also provide everyone with a beautiful souvenir and look great in photos — which is an excellent way for your bride-to-be to preserve the memory!

With step-by-step instructions, this party idea allows you and your friends to celebrate the bride while creating a beautiful work of art. Host a private party at home using online paint classes, or rent out a space and throw your art party in style. To make your night truly epic, the right planning is a must, and this guide will help.

What You’ll Need To Throw an Epic Bachelorette Paint Party Experience

In order to throw an epic paint party, you are going to need a few things. They aren’t difficult to gather but do take a little bit of time. Let’s dive into some of the must-haves to get you started!

Your Bachelorette and Her Bridal Party

The people are the most important part of the party. Of course, you need your bride-to-be and your bridesmaids, and anyone else the bride wants to be part of her special day. This means that you may have some guests who know one another, and some who have never met. With the right planning, you can organize a semi-structured painting event that encourages mingling for those who want to, and gives others the freedom to stay in their comfort zones. 

Be sure to consider that your guest list may have guests of all ages. To create a fun, inclusive environment, you have two options. First, you can plan a big family-friendly paint party for guests of all ages. Or, use your paint party as a bachelorette kick-off event that younger guests can attend — but that the bride and her bridal party can continue later on with some adult-only girls’ night activities!

Any Location of Your Choosing

Next, you need to find a location. Some bridal parties will choose a paint party studio, but you don’t have to if you use a painting kit with a DIY painting tutorial. 

You can host your paint party anywhere that has an internet connection: a bridesmaid’s home, a private room at a bar or restaurant, or even a hotel conference room where the bridal party is staying. You can even set up your paint party outside, such as in a park or at the beach — a great option for destination weddings or bachelorette weekend getaways!

Painting to Gogh makes it easy to host a painting party from anywhere. You can have our acrylic painting kits delivered to any location you choose, so you can ship them directly to your destination. On the return trip, we recommend that your guests flat-pack their canvases in the middle of their suitcases between layers of clothes to keep their artwork protected during travel. 

No matter where you choose, make sure your location is comfortable with your group doing a paint party in their space. While it’s not likely to be super messy, there may be drips and spills during the process.

Music and Decorations

Nothing sets the tone better for a bachelorette party than the right music! Crafting the perfect playlist and choosing the right decorations can establish the mood for the entire evening. 

Consider the theme of the event, if there is one. For example, if you’re hosting a 1920s themed paint party, choose music that was popular during the Roaring 20s, like jazz, blues, and swing. Create centerpieces with big, fluffy faux ostrich feathers, and consider making black, white, silver, and gold the primary color palette of your decor.

If there’s no theme to your bachelorette paint party and your priority is simply to have a great time, make sure the playlist includes some of the bride’s favorite songs. Make it an extra special selection by including songs from significant times in her life, such as the most popular song from her graduation year, or the song that played on the night her fiance proposed. Keep the decorations fun and flashy, incorporating the wedding colors, and elements like specialty balloons and banners.

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are a key part of any successful party, and your bachelorette paint party is no different! The right food and drinks can take your event to the next level, so it’s important to go with options that your guests can easily eat and drink while they paint, and refill during dry breaks.

A finger-food buffet is an ideal setup for your paint party. Set out a table with several hors d’oeuvres and finger foods that guests can load onto a plate and take back to their painting stations. Tea sandwiches, pre-cut fruits and veggies, and chips and dip are some easy, low-mess options — you want to avoid messy food that could get on your paintings, like hot wings or chili.

For drinks, consider making a batch of signature cocktails or selecting a few great wines (you can check out our wine pairing suggestions for inspiration) — and of course, you can never go wrong with some champagne! In addition to offering non-alcoholic drinks like soda, water, or coffee, you can also accommodate non-drinkers with a spike-your-own cocktails bar.

Your Acrylic Painting Supplies

Now you’re ready to gather your supplies. You are going to need:

  • Computer or tablet for the tutorial videos
  • Paint
  • Canvas
  • Paintbrushes
  • Easels
  • Aprons
  • Paper towels
  • Water cup for rinsing brushes

You can find a more detailed list of supplies you need in this article about how to host your own paint party. You can either purchase all of the supplies yourself or use a service like Painting to Gogh to purchase a kit, which allows all your guests to keep their own brushes and easels!

16 Canvas Painting Ideas for Your Bachelorette Paint Party

The final piece of the party for this epic bachelorette paint night party is the right painting. Below we’ve compiled 12 individual kits and four diptych kits for a total of 16 excellent bachelorette paint party choices that carry a wisp of romance, and are something that everyone can enjoy making.

1) Moonlight Sakura

Moonlight Sakura looks like a black and white image, yet it explodes with beautiful pink blossoms at the top of the painting. The shading gives it the effect of depth, making Moonlight Sakura a great option for beginners and the more advanced painters at your paint party. 

2) Starry Night

If your bride-to-be is an art lover, recreating Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night may be right up her alley! Our Starry Night painting kit isn’t as intricate as the original, so it’s a great choice if there are beginners in your group who don’t have much painting experience.

3) Water Lilies

Elegant water lilies float in a beautiful lake in this colorful painting. The tranquil scene in Water Lilies is appealing to all ages, making it ideal for bachelorette party groups with guests who range from very young to older adults. 

4) Walk in the Rain

A hugging couple is silhouetted against the falling rain under the cover of a red umbrella in this romantic painting. The affectionate scene is the perfect way to celebrate love — which is the purpose of your bachelorette party! Consider the beautiful Walk in the Rain kit for your event.

5) Lovebirds at Dusk

Two lovebirds sit on a branch cuddling close while surrounded by flowers in this lovely painting. The blending techniques give the illusion of light in the painting, which gives the more advanced painters in your group some room to showcase their talent. Choose Lovebirds at Dusk to celebrate the upcoming wedding.

6) Lovely Paris

Nothing is as romantic as the city of Paris, and this painting kit captures its romance perfectly, showcasing the Eiffel Tower surrounded by pink spring blossoms. If your bride plans to visit Paris for her honeymoon, choose the Lovely Paris paint kit to build excitement.

7) Monet’s Bridge

This painting is reminiscent of Monet’s work, with simple lines and beautiful pastel colors. Our Monet’s Bridge painting kit comes with a full range of colors, so your bachelorette paint party guests can easily customize their scene.

8) Pine Tree Galaxy

Capture the Northern Lights in glorious color with Pine Tree Galaxy. This colorful painting has pine trees silhouetted against a colorful night sky reflected in the water below. If your bride-to-be loves the outdoors, our Pine Tree Galaxy kit could be the perfect choice for your paint party.

9) Cheerful Bouquet

Cheerful Bouquet is a colorful painting that is a great spring decor item. Everyone will love displaying their finished paintings in their homes, and because the kit comes with a full range of colors, it’s easy for guests to customize — they can even coordinate their flowers to match the wedding colors. Purchase Cheerful Bouquet for a springtime paint party.

10) Tropical Bliss

Capture a tropical sunset with Tropical Bliss, a colorful and bold painting option for your bridal party’s night out — the perfect choice for destination beach weddings! 

11) Seaside Escape

The overhead view of the beach in this painting is a unique take on the classic beach paint party scene. If your bride is gearing up for a seaside honeymoon, the relaxing scene in our Seaside Escape painting kit is the perfect way to set the stage.

12) Cherry Blossoms

A pink and blue background offsets the colorful blooms of this spring-themed painting kit. This kit features a blended background that combines two colors, so it would be easy to customize — either with additional colors, or different colors. Cherry Blossoms is a great choice that can accommodate all skill levels and ages in your group.

Diptych Painting Ideas for Your Bachelorette Paint Party

Diptych paintings display one image on two separate canvases. The paintings usually work on their own, but show a complete scene when displayed side by side. Painting to Gogh has several paintings that can work as individual paintings or diptych paintings, and they are a great choice for a bachelorette party. Let all of your friends work together to create a set of artwork that your bride can display in her home.

13) My Favorite Place is Next to You

A couple snuggles close overlooking a lake and colorful sunset. My Favorite Place is Next to You can be done on a single canvas (turned sideways), or can be done as a pair. This is a fun way for bridal party members to team up to create something beautiful and collaborative at your paint night.

14) Meet Me at the Footbridge

In this painting, a couple meets at a charming footbridge surrounded by water and flowers. Consider our Meet Me at the Footbridge paint party kit if you have some experienced painters in your group. While it’s a great option even for beginners, this painting utilizes some more complex techniques to create a beautiful blended sky and water reflection.

15) Celebration

Wine glasses are a great way to celebrate new love, and this painting features two wine glasses on a dark background. Our Celebration paint party kit is a great choice for groups who want to deviate from flowers and nature, and is easy to paint this one individually, or collaboratively — simply have one friend paint their glass tilted to the left, and one tilted to the right.

16) To Us

With To Us, you can practically hear the clank of the glass as an elegant couple celebrates together. The sparkling lights in the background of the painting come together to form a heart shape. The To Us painting kit uses simple techniques that make it easy for beginners to follow, and your guests can customize the silhouettes however they like — they can even accessorize them to look like your bride- and groom-to-be!

Host Your Next Bachelorette Paint Party With Painting to Gogh!

When planning a bachelorette party, you need the right activity to make it truly memorable — and a painting party fits the bill! Choosing a romantic painting kit, the right venue, and the right people will make the party a truly successful commemoration of your friend’s upcoming wedding. Painting to Gogh makes it easy to plan and execute a successful paint party. Before you buy the party invitations, check out our painting party page to find out how to plan your party. Then all that’s left is to select your painting and start planning!