How to host a Painting Party with Painting to Gogh

So you want to host a painting party and don't know where to start? You've come to the right place. Painting to Gogh makes it simple and fun for anyone to throw a painting party

Painting Party for a Birthday


Our five easy steps will help you create a one-of-a-kind and stress-free experience your friends and family will cherish for years to come. Let’s get started! 

Step 1: Select an art kit  

Visit our catalog and select a painting that’s right for your party. If your attendees will be painting the same artwork and need a full set of supplies, you can simply select the appropriate Starter Kit and indicate the number of painters in your party for the quantity. 

If you’re hosting a virtual painting party or attendees will be painting different works, then it might make sense to have each attendee order their own Starter Kit. If some attendees are more experienced than others, and own their own easel and brushes, they can save money by purchasing an Essential Kit instead. 

In either case, attendees should receive all the art materials they need in just 3-5 days. 

Step 2: Choose a date, location, and time 

Scheduling can often be the most challenging element of any party, painting or otherwise. You’ll want to agree on a date, location, and time that works well for everyone. Before sending out invitations, you should contact your guests for windows of availability -- beginning with folks who might have the most restricted schedules. 

Once you agree on a date, time, and location, you should send out invitations. These don’t have to be formal, but an art-themed invitation could go a long way towards making the event feel special. For those of you that are tech-savvy, you can send out an official calendar invite via email.

If your event will be virtual, be sure to include a link to your meeting room. This way, guests can easily access the link when it’s time to party! 

Step 3: Choose your painting area

During the pandemic, we strongly urge customers to host painting parties virtually. However, there are occasions where an at-home painting party makes sense, like if it’s for a family activity night and your attendees live within your home. 

If this is the case, you simply need to identify a space where you can set up easels for everyone. See below for an example of a kitchen table that was turned into a mini-art studio.

Painting to Gogh Real Customer


You can even add an extra level of protection by hosting the painting party outdoors. 


Outdoor Paint Party


If your location is virtual, you’ll want to set up your easel where you can easily view your remote guests and participate in the fun. Regardless of the location, be sure to have plenty of paper towels on hand, as well as cups with water for your paintbrushes. 

Step 4: Watch our tutorial

Decide how you and your guests are going to play the video tutorial for the painting you ordered. These will be sent via an email link and can be played on any web-enabled device, like a phone, tablet, laptop, or TV. If your painting party will be at a central location, you can likely watch the tutorial together on one device. 


People painting together watching tutorial on one big screen

If you’re hosting a virtual painting party, then you might want the host to screen share the tutorial from their device. If people are painting different pieces of art, or there are streaming issues, each person can watch the tutorial from their own device. 

Painting to Gogh Cactus Tutorial

Step 5: Have fun 

We’ve reached the most important step: having fun! 

Add your own touches (i.e snacks, wine, cheese), and have a blast! Your guests will have so much fun, they'll want to do it again! We've got you covered for that too - repeat customers only need to order our Essentials Kit.

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  • Francine Nosse

    I have two questions where I’d like to have a party with friends your artist on site. Also I have three granddaughters ages 8, 14, and 16 I’d like to see paint with. Do you have any of those get togethers on my area. I live in Medina.

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