14 Fun Birthday Party Ideas Worth Doing for Your Next B-Day Bash

Are you the party planner for an upcoming birthday? Whether it’s for your kid or your friend, the day requires the right plan and theme. There are many fun ways to celebrate the person of honor on their birthday and ensure that everyone who comes has a great time. Below we’ve outlined 14 fun party ideas that are sure to please the birthday person and their guests — regardless of age!

1) Host a Paint Party

A paint party is a great choice when you are looking for birthday ideas that are engaging and include fun activities. With a paint party, you bring together your party guests and invite them to paint using a step-by-step video tutorial. In the process, you enjoy an engaging activity during your birthday celebration. If the party is for adults, consider adding a wine tasting for a paint-and-sip style party, and if it is for kids you can serve cupcakes and ice cream once everyone is done painting. 

Opting for premade painting kits can make this already-simple party idea even easier to plan. Painting to Gogh offers dozens of acrylic paint kits for painters of all ages and skill levels — from kids’ painting kits and tutorials to kits that use more advanced techniques. Browse our selection to find the perfect option for your paint party, and be sure to read up on how to host a successful painting party.

2) Have a Superhero-Themed Birthday Party

Throw on your cape and prepare an epic event with a superhero-themed party. Invite guests to wear their favorite superhero costume, and set up some games that encourage them to defeat the bad guy. Let everyone imagine what their superpower would be if they were a real superhero, and choose themed party favors and decor to round out the event. This is a great choice if you need indoor birthday party ideas because you can host a superhero-themed party anywhere you go!

3) Create a Backyard Olympics

Transform your backyard into an epic Olympic village. This party plan takes the idea of a game night and elevates it from board games to active fun. You don’t have to fully replicate the actual Olympics, either. Plan some relay races and fun backyard games, then structure the event like the Olympics with medals and prizes for first, second, and third place. Everyone will have a blast making memories together, and your decorations are easy for this theme — grab some ideas or DIY backyard Olympic games from this post.

4) Arrange a Scavenger Hunt

Whether you go through town or just through your home, a scavenger hunt is engaging and fun. What makes this a great party idea is that it can easily be tailored to be appropriate (and fun) for any age group. Make a scavenger hunt around your house for young kids, or recruit some parents to help as drivers and go around town with teens and tweens. Break your party into teams and be sure you have some prizes on hand to reward the winners for their effort.

5) Swim and Splash in a Pool Party

If you have a pool or access to one, you can have built-in entertainment for your birthday get-together. Most kids love to be in and around water, so this is the perfect way to celebrate the birthday child. Many public pools offer rentals that allow you to have a pool party without a pool of your own. Always make sure there is plenty of adult supervision — and a lifeguard, if possible — for a pool party. Even if the kids are teenagers and good swimmers, supervision is a must.

6) Get Groovy and Have a Dance Party

Throw on some oldies or your kid’s favorite band and have an epic dance party. You can turn this into a karaoke party easily if the guests are interested. Make sure the playlist is clean and in line with what your guest of honor enjoys, and don’t forget the disco lights and glow sticks to add a layer of decorative fun. Do you need help with the playlist? Check out this awesome selection.

7) Go to an Escape Room

Escape rooms can make the special day even more engaging. Take your birthday person and their guests to an escape room, and watch them have fun trying to solve their way out. You can also set up an escape room at home using a kit. Whether you escape or do not, partygoers are bound to have fun — and exercise some problem-solving skills — with this activity.

8) Host a Fashion Show

If your guest of honor is into fashion, then turn the party into a fashion show. You can either ask the guests to come to the party dressed in their most fashion-forward outfit, or you can go to the thrift store and buy some supplies for them to make their own and have everyone dress up at the party. Have prizes for different categories like Most Original, Best Dressed, Most Boujee, and any others you can think of.

9) Break Into Teams and Play Charades

Charades is a classic game that is sure to bring on some laughs. Break your party guests into teams and play charades. Think of scenarios that can be acted out — but are not too obvious — or purchase a kit of charades prompts to make it easier on yourself. Make sure the party guests know that you’re playing charades so they can dress in comfy clothes that let them move.

10) Have a Pizza Party

A pizza party is a classic, but that doesn't mean it can’t be fun. Either order pizza from a pizza parlor, or set up your kitchen for DIY pizzas and let the guests make their own. You can even swap out the birthday cake for a dessert pizza. A pizza party can work well with a sleepover party, so consider making this into a slumber party if the guests are old enough.

11) Roast S’mores at a Bonfire Party

If you have room for a fire pit outside, then use that to create your party theme. Set up a fire and roast s’mores and hot dogs outdoors. Tell campfire ghost stories, string up lanterns, and pass out glow sticks to enjoy a night under the stars. Don’t forget to sing some campfire songs around the fire. If you choose this idea, make sure to practice fire safety, and if it’s a kids’ party be sure to keep an adult nearby.

12) Turn Your Backyard Into a Moviehouse

An outdoor movie night is an unforgettable birthday party idea, and you may find that it’s easier to arrange than you think. You can rent an inflatable screen or hang a large white sheet on the side of your house, and then project a movie onto it. Add comfortable seating in the form of bean bag chairs or even just blankets on the lawn, and enjoy a movie under the stars. Pro tip: Be sure to do a test run beforehand to make sure all your tech works.

13) Host an Under-the-Sea Party

Decorate your house like it’s under the sea and host your party at home. Invite guests to dress in luau or beach-inspired clothing, and then decorate with seashells, mermaids, treasure chests, and anything else that fits the theme. You can easily tweak this party to fit the birthday person’s interests, whether that’s mermaids and seahorses or pirates and treasure.

14) Have a Lego Party

You can’t go wrong with Legos. They are universally appealing to kids of most ages, from preschoolers to teenagers — and even adults. To host a Lego party, buy a number of boxes of miscellaneous pieces. You might be able to find these secondhand on sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Pile all the Lego bricks on a table and let the party guests get to work. You can create challenges for different builds or just have the partygoers get creative with the bricks. Your party favors can be Lego Minifigures or small build sets.

Host a Painting Party With Painting to Gogh

There are many ideas out there to find an interesting and fun way to celebrate your guest of honor. Many of these involve letting party guests be creative. Painting parties are just one of the many creative birthday party ideas you can choose from as you look for the ideal way to celebrate your child, friend, or even yourself. If you are looking to host a painting birthday party, Painting to Gogh makes it easy.

Browse our kids’ painting kits for your younger birthday guests, or any of our other kits for older guests, and enjoy the convenience of fully functional kits with step-by-step tutorials to make your party a success.