How to Host a Virtual Painting Party with Friends or Family?

Virtual Paint Party on Zoom  


Virtual painting parties, made easy  

Social distancing shouldn’t mean a complete absence of social interaction. At Painting to Gogh, we’ve made it easy to throw virtual painting parties from the comfort and safety of your own home. 

We ship acrylic painting kits directly to you and your friends so you can hang out, sip some wine, and focus on the most important part: having fun! 

5 tips for throwing an online paint party 

In order to help you make the most of your Painting to Gogh experience, we’ve put together some helpful tips you can use to take your online paint party to the next level. 

1. Select your artwork 

With so many great pieces to choose from, this could be the most challenging part of planning your event. Luckily, we’ve made the selection process fun and easy, too. 

You can browse our entire art collection in our gallery, which features actual customer rankings beside each print. To view details about the artwork, see pricing options, or learn more about the art instructor featured in our on-demand video tutorial, simply click on an image.

Once you’ve landed on a piece, have your participants select a painting from our catalog and order their own Starter Kit. Everyone will receive all the art materials at their homes in 3 to 5 days.

Painting Selections

2. Choose a date, time, and virtual platform 

Don’t forget to select a date and time that’s convenient to your group. Once you’ve agreed on when to meet, it’s time to decide how you’ll meet. 

This can seem overwhelming at first, but there are many different options at your disposal. For a smaller gathering, an app like FaceTime might be ideal. For larger groups, you can use a more sophisticated platform like Zoom. Is it for a corporate event? Maybe Microsoft Teams is more your speed. 

3. Prep in advance 

Keep things moving smoothly by prepping in advance. That means having cups of water and paper towels on hand. You can minimize the risk of a spill by reusing the brown canvas wrap included in your kit as a temporary tablecloth. Just toss it in the trash when you’re finished. 

No cleanup required! 

4. Make the most of our video tutorial 

Our video tutorials will be sent via email link. If your entire group is painting the same artwork, one participant can share the tutorial using the shared screen function.

Paint Class on Zoom with Friends

Watching Tutorial on Shared Screen via Zoom

Pro-tip: see if your screen-sharing technology allows you to optimize video playback. If you’re using Zoom, check out this helpful article on the topic. 

Not using the same painting? That’s okay too! Each participant can watch the tutorial on a separate internet-connected device (smartphone, computer, tablet, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.) as you talk to each other. 

Video Tutorial
Tutorial on one Monitor and Zoom Call on Second Monitor

5. Personalize your event

Make this event your own. Add some personal touches, and have a blast! The video tutorial can be paused anytime you need a break. That offers the perfect opportunity for wine tastings, snack nibblings, or to catch up with old pals.

Fair warning: you and your friends will have so much fun, you’ll want to do it time and time again. We've got you covered for that too! We’ve designed Painting to Gogh to help save our return customers money. Since you’ll already have the easel and brushes, you’ll only need to order our Essentials Kit.

Ready to host your own paint party?

To get started, you can browse our growing collection of masterpieces by clicking the Shop now button below. 

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  • Painting to Gogh

    Hi Dahlia,

    To host a virtual paint party, all 8 participants simply need to order the kits individually to their address. Then you can use any video conferencing tool to paint together.

    -Painting to Gogh Customer Support

  • Dahlia Victorio

    I would like to host a virtual paint party for 8 people

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