25 Simple Canvas Painting Ideas for Any Skill Level

Whether you're looking for a fun date night idea or something to do with family and friends, a DIY painting tutorial is a fun activity to bring people together. 

If you've never painted before, it may seem daunting to take a blank canvas and some paintbrushes and turn them into a piece of attractive wall art. But rest assured, even beginners can make stunning creations with some easy canvas painting ideas.

The key is to choose acrylic paints instead of oil painting or watercolors. Acrylic painting tutorials help you create bold, bright artwork with a forgiving, washable medium. You can easily create an art piece that fits beautifully with your living room home decor, or makes a great addition to a bedroom. Whether you’re painting on your own, with a partner, or with a group, below are some easy canvas painting ideas.

1. Fireflies

Remember the summer nights of your childhood? Many evenings were likely spent chasing fireflies as the sun set, and this painting pays homage to that experience. In this acrylic painting kit, glowing fireflies float into the night sky. You’ll learn how to mix acrylic paint as you blend different colors to create varying shades of blue, green, and yellow. The end result is a piece of canvas art that will look great in any room.

Enjoy the summertime nostalgia with the Fireflies Painting Kit.

2. Starry Night

You can now recreate Vincent van Gogh's famous nighttime landscape painting of the same name right from the comfort of your own home. “The Starry Night” is one of the most ideal canvas painting ideas for beginners because it teaches you the basics of incorporating bold colors and swift brushstrokes to create beautiful art. With expert instruction from your teacher, the piece comes together in no time. 

Grab the Starry Night Painting Kit to recreate a masterpiece with your family.

3. Tropical Bliss

Escape to the tropics with this colorful sunset scene. In the foreground of the painting, the silhouette of two towering palm trees overlooks the ocean. In the mid-ground is the brilliantly-colored sunset reflected in the ocean, for an expanse of red, orange, and yellow shades. Away in the distant background are two more softly shaded palm trees that balance the landscape. 

You might want to plan a paint-and-sip party for this one, because you'll crave a fruity drink (complete with an umbrella) as you paint this beach scene. This painting kit is also a great option for a winter activity, to give you some feelings of summer bliss.

Kick back and relax with the Tropical Bliss Painting Kit.

4. Golden Birch Trees

If you need a painting activity with an autumn theme that works for all skill levels, then the Golden Birch Trees step-by-step tutorial is the perfect fit. The yellow and red leaves of the birch trees contrast beautifully against the white tree bark, with a sunset mountainscape background to tie it all together. 

Want to paint a different season? Simply change up the colors of the foliage! Painting trees is easier than you might think, and this kit will help you learn.

Schedule a fall paint event and use the Golden Birch Trees Painting Kit.

5. Water Lilies

This relaxing flower painting project has rich blues and greens that perfectly offset the pink blossoms of the water lilies. As you paint, you may find your work to be reminiscent of Monet’s “Water Lilies,” which is the inspiration for this simplified tutorial version. Because this kit uses chunky, loose brushstrokes to create abstract flowers, it works well for beginners.

Channel your inner Monet with the Water Lilies Painting Kit.

6. Frosted Vista

The chill of winter is in the air with this painting kit. Delicate purples and greens make this winter scene come alive on your canvas as you paint. Frosted evergreen trees and snowy peaks create a tranquil nature scene that will make a stunning addition to your living space.

Choose the Frosted Vista Painting Kit to capture the essence of winter in your home.

7. Sweetheart Trees

If you are looking for acrylic canvas painting ideas for a date night, consider Sweetheart Trees. There are two options with these whimsical kits: You can choose to paint the entire scene on a single canvas, or you and your partner can each be responsible for one half of the “heart.” Whether you choose to create one beautiful piece or two that connect to make something truly special, Sweetheart Trees is a simple but elegant way to celebrate your love.

Paint with your special someone with the Sweetheart Trees Painting Kit.

8. Nordic Gnome

This friendly Nordic Gnome can’t wait to make his way into your home! He is surrounded by snow-topped pine trees and boasts some holly on the rim of his hat. Not only is this a fun addition to your home’s winter decor, but it's also surprisingly easy to paint. Have some fun and watch him come to life as you learn some new painting techniques under the direction of instructor Amy Brauer.

Grab your Nordic Gnome Painting Kits for your family paint night.

9. Sunset Lake

Picture the sun setting over a lakefront on a warm summer night. You can capture that beauty with our Sunset Lake painting kit. This kit is a unique take on the classic sunset painting, and is easy and fun to make. Its abstract style has Vincent van Gogh vibes, and features warm yellows, oranges, and reds, which contrast nicely with the mountain range’s cool blues. The Sunset Lake painting kit is beginner-friendly, but more experienced painters also enjoy this twist on a classic.

Experience lakeside at twilight with the Sunset Lake Painting Kit.

10. African Sunset

Go on safari with this beautiful silhouette sunset painting. Our African Sunset kit teaches you how to blend acrylic paints to create an ombre effect in your painting. A Baobab tree stands out in stark contrast to the red and orange the setting sun creates. All that's missing is a lion or giraffe, but you can imagine them off in the distance when you gaze at this work of art.

Brighten up your home with the African Sunset Painting Kit.

11. Winter Moon

You can practically see the moon glowing over the evergreen trees in Winter Moon. This winter scene uses a plastic cup as a stencil to create a perfectly full moon, and it's surprisingly easy to make the glowing light with paint blending techniques. You'll even be able to use splatter painting to create a blanket of stars over the night sky. With so many painting techniques woven into this tutorial, you'll walk away feeling like a true expert.

Get step-by-step help creating this beautiful painting with the Winter Moon Painting Kit.

12. Desert Sun

If you have ever had the chance to watch the sunset over the desert, then you know just how colorful it can be. Desert Sun nails the atmosphere with bold colors, mixing warm and cool tones that stand out from a typical sunset scene. The cacti in the foreground give you a chance to learn perspective techniques. If you have southwestern decorating in your home, this painting is an excellent complement.

Scoop up your own Desert Sun Painting Kit today.

13. Painted Elephant

Painted Elephant is a deceptively simple painting kit. At first glance, the delicate lace details make this seem like a complex painting, but adult beginners will find that it’s a lot easier than it looks! Painted Elephant features flowing lines of blended colors that come together to create the shape of an elephant's face.  This elegant painting is a great idea for a girl's night out.

Enjoy the abstract beauty of the elephant with the Painted Elephant Painting Kit.

14. Bright Succulents

Succulents are excellent houseplants because of their resilience. These hardy plants can grow just about anywhere — including on a canvas in your home. Succulents’ diverse textures and lush greens come to life in this fun and colorful scene. The DIY canvas painting kit includes all you need to create a bright coral background, yellow flowers, and bold, green cacti.

Brighten up your home with the Bright Succulents Painting Kit.

15. Camping Under The Stars

There's something special about falling asleep under the stars with the smell of a campfire nearby. You can capture that feeling with Camping Under the Stars. With nothing more than your paintbrush and canvas, you can create a crackling fire, glowing moon, and cozy tent surrounded by pine trees. This painting kit works as an individual canvas or a diptych-style painting with two canvases pushed together.

Dream up your own camping adventure with the Camping Under the Stars Painting Kit.

16. Sail Away

The sunset colors on the water of Sail Away evoke an instant feeling of calm. This colorful painting kit teaches you how to create puffy clouds and capture the feeling of movement on the water using your brush. The muted yellow of the boat's sail creates a subtle focal point, and with just a few major elements to paint, Sail Away is a good choice for any skill level.

Pick up the Sail Away Painting Kit to set sail for your next painting adventure.

17. The Scream

Edvard Munch's The Scream is a famous painting that embraces the reality of anxiety with bold oranges and blues. You may look at the original and feel that the tiny curving brush strokes seem daunting, but they’re easier to recreate than you think. If you're looking for painting ideas for kids who don't want to paint flowers and puppies, or if you're planning a grown-up painting night and want something a little more unique than sunsets and trees, this kit is a great option.

Create your own expressionism era painting with our The Scream Painting Kit.

18. Sunset in Venice

The bright colors of the acrylic paints are what make this painting stand out. Sunset in Venice uses very simple strokes, making it ideal for those who are a little hesitant about their painting skills. The brilliant primary colors matched with the silhouette of the Venice skyline help you turn this into a gorgeous Monet-inspired masterpiece that anyone would be proud to display in their home.

Choose the Sunset in Venice Painting Kit to get swept away to Europe — at least for an evening.

19. Seaside Escape

This bird’s-eye view of the seaside lets you (and your painting’s viewers) see the beach in a new and interesting way. The curving lines of the water and the bright patterns on the umbrellas give this painting a tropical feel. If you’re craving a beach trip, but your vacation is weeks (or months) away, then let this painting help transport you there — warm sand, cool breeze, and beautiful waves.

Dream of your own beach getaway with the Seaside Escape Painting Kit.

20. Pine Tree Galaxy

Galaxy painting is a simple and beautiful way to incorporate dreamy colors into a work of art. The black silhouette of towering pine trees against a galactic background makes our Pine Tree Galaxy kit all the more interesting. This painting features a night sky reflected on the water below. This is a simple but elegant painting experience that offers a fresh take on the classic nature scene.

Explore the galaxy with your paintbrush with the Pine Tree Galaxy Painting Kit.

21. Space Explorer

The fun little astronaut in Space Explorer makes this kit a great choice for kids and younger teens. This easy painting tutorial takes you through how to create the lights and darks of outer space, step by step. Your Space Explorer creation would make a wonderful gift for the science lover in your life — you can even customize it by adding your own words in the stars.

Choose the Space Explorer Painting Kit for an out-of-this-world painting experience.

22. Lavender Field

This painting showcases a beautiful field of lavender below a blue sky, with a subtle mountain range in the background. This kit reminds us of all the colors and textures of spring, so if you're planning a painting event toward the end of winter, the soft colors in Lavender Field set the stage for the upcoming change in season! 

Get excited for spring with the Lavender Field Painting Kit.

23. Simple Snowman

The Simple Snowman painting is a popular pick for family paint parties. The painting itself is pretty simple, using shapes that your children are already familiar with. The friendly eyes and carrot nose make this snowman an adorable addition to your winter decor, and you will make happy memories creating it together. This seasonal paint kit makes a great holiday gift or an ideal subject for a winter family fun night.

Grab the Simple Snowman Painting Kit for a fun family activity.

24. Farewell Mamba (for Basketball Lovers)

Farewell Mamba celebrates the late Kobe Bryant and all that he brought to the world of basketball. If you have a sports fan in your group who wants to pay homage or would-be painters who aren’t keen on painting flowers or sunsets, this painting kit could be a good choice. 

Choose the Farewell Mamba Painting Kit for the sports fans in your group.

25. Waterfall

Our Waterfall painting kit is a gorgeous scene of a waterfall crashing into a pool below. There are ways to customize this one, too: Add more pink foliage for a springtime effect, use more lush greens for summertime, and incorporate some warm orange tones for an autumn vibe. No matter which season you choose, this beautiful, calming scene would fit well in any living space. Waterfall is much easier than it looks — all you need are simple brush strokes and some basic paint mixing techniques, and your instructor will guide you to create something amazing. 

Make the Waterfall Painting Kit the highlight of your next event.

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