A Helpful Guide to Having a Couples Paint Night [At-Home Edition]

Looking for a way to mix things up on date night — without even leaving home?

An at-home couples paint night can be a magical date night experience, one that helps you and your significant other get to know each other better and have a blast in the process.

We know how much fun this process can be, but we also know that getting started can be tricky. If you’ve never painted before, it can be hard to know where to start.

That’s why we’ve put this guide together for you!

We’ll start with showing you what you need to get started. Then we’ll walk through more reasons why paint night is the perfect date night, and we’ll round things out with 12 curated painting kits to get your creative juices flowing.

What You Need to Get Started With a Paint Night

If you haven’t done much painting before, you might be thinking that you’ll need too many supplies to make a paint night worth the effort.

But don’t worry! Getting ready for paint night doesn’t require much at all. In fact, a couples paint night at home can be a surprisingly budget friendly date.

You only need a few things to get started.

A Painting Kit

First up, you’ll need a good starter painting kit.

You could head down to your local artist supply store (or even Walmart in a pinch) and pick up all the essential art supplies, including canvases, acrylic paints or craft paints, palettes, aprons, brushes, and an easel.

But if you’re just starting out, it’s tough to know how much or what type of these supplies is best. A much easier approach is to go with a premade painting kit like the ones we offer at Painting to Gogh. Every project and collection we sell allows you to choose the kit and supplies that are right for you.

For your first kit, we recommend the Studio Kit, which comes with everything you’ll need, including an aluminum easel. If you don’t need an easel, the Essentials Kit will give you everything you need. And if you already have quality brushes or have painted with us before, then the Refill Kit will be just right.

Explore our collections to find an acrylic painting kit that’s just right for you and your significant other.

A Painting Station

Next up, you need to identify or set up a designated painting area in your home. Painting can get messy, and we don’t want you worrying about messing up your dining room table—we want you having the perfect date night!

Once you’ve sufficiently protected the space where you’ll be painting, you’ll also want to outfit your painting station with the right supplies so that everything you need is within reach.

One option is to cover a table or counter (and surrounding spaces) with paper or newsprint. That way, when you’re done painting, you can just wrap up the paper and toss it in the trash.

An Open Mind

Next, make sure you bring an open mind to your painting lessons! Painting is an art form, so you’ll need to open up that mind and let those creative juices flow.

It helps to remember that you’re not the next Picasso or Rembrandt (and neither are we!). So don’t take yourself too seriously. The ideal couples paint night is one where everyone has fun—creating beautiful art is just a happy byproduct.

(Recommended) An Artist Tutorial Video to Follow Along With

Next up, we strongly recommend that couples follow a step-by-step painting tutorial video. Unless both of you have had formal training, at least one of you is going to feel at least a little nervous or unsure about this. Following a quality video instructor is almost like bringing art class into your home. It removes the hassle and headache, and most first-timers are shocked by how beautiful a painting they create.

Every Painting to Gogh acrylic painting kit includes a video tutorial led by an accomplished artist or artist instructor, so you’ll always have a helping hand as you paint.

Why a Couples Painting Night Is the Perfect Date

If you want to stay in but you’re looking for something more creative and interactive than yet another Netflix and popcorn night, then a couples painting experience can be the perfect date night.

Still on the fence? Here are four more reasons why a DIY painting class date night is the perfect way to stay in.

There’s the Perfect Mix of Intimacy and Creativity

Watching movies together is fine, but ultimately it’s a lot of just … sitting there, not talking. When you want to actually interact with your partner and do something creative, painting is a perfect choice.

You’re spending concentrated time with the person you love, creating something new together. And usually you’ll be getting outside one or both of your comfort zones, which is a great way to grow together as a couple.

You Have an Everlasting Memory in the Physical Painting

Quick: Where did you go for that date four years ago in February? Which movie did you see? Where did you eat?

Most people don’t remember unless something truly unusual happened.

But a painting date night is different. You’ll have something tangible when you’re done, something that might even hang on a wall in your home for years to come. The physical painting will become a long-lasting memory for you — not just of the date night itself but of all the little things you love about your person.

You Can Paint at Whatever Pace You Want

When you attend an in-person painting class, you might get more hands-on help from an instructor. But you’re also on a tight, predefined timetable: When the class is over, it’s time to go.

But when you paint at home, you can work at any pace you want. If the instructor finishes a step faster than you, you can pause the tutorial until you’re ready to move on to the next step.

This way, the painting — and the date night — can be as long or as short as you wish.

Paint the Same Piece Together (Diptych) or Separately and in Each Other’s Company

A couples paint night is a great time because you have options. One is to each work on your own version of the same painting individually. This can be a great way to explore each other’s personalities and unique painting styles.

Or you can work together to create a diptych painting, where each partner completes half of a complete scene.

Many Painting to Gogh kits are designed to be completed as diptychs or can be adapted to work in that format.

Check out Lovestruck Robots, one of our diptych-friendly canvases!

Best Canvas Painting Ideas for Your Date Night

Now you should have everything you need for your painting date night. Other than the most important part, of course — the painting you’re going to create!

Whether you’re an experienced painter or this is your first time, we have a painting that’s just right for you and your partner. Check out 12 of our best ideas for at-home date night!

1) Lovebirds at Dusk

This lovely painting creates feelings of space and closeness, using a striking silhouette technique to capture the two little lovebirds in a cool spring scene. This painting can be completed on a single horizontal canvas or as a diptych.

This painting is perfect for beginners thanks to its focus on simple strokes and textures. Most couples complete this painting in around 40 minutes. Jessica Hess, a Chicago-area artist and educator, teaches the tutorial.

Learn more about this painting kit!

2) Sweetheart Trees Painting Kit

Featuring two trees growing together as one in the moonlight, Sweetheart Trees pictures the growth we all strive for with our partners! The branches come together to form a graceful heart, half of which lands on either side of the diptych if you choose the two-canvas option.

Chattanooga-based artist Amy Brauer teaches you how to create this painting. Most couples complete this creative endeavor within roughly 90 minutes.

Learn more about this painting kit!

3) Bare Necessities Painting Kit

At first glance, Bare Necessities looks like a serene golden-hour beach scene. But the swimsuits in each corner add a bit of romantic whimsy — just where did their owners run off to? Perfect for beach lovers and skinny-dippers alike, Bare Necessities can spice things up on your next date night — no matter the weather outside.

This painting is a little more intricate, so couples should allot up to 140 minutes to complete it. Chattanooga-based artist Amy Brauer shows you how to complete this one in the included tutorial video.

Learn more about this painting kit!

4) Lovestruck Robots

If you’re looking for a painting project with tons of adorable personality, Lovestruck Robots is a world away from traditional landscapes and vistas. Go nuts (and bolts) as you paint these two robo-sweethearts. This scene is full of clever and whimsical details, including Mr. Robot’s heart-o-meter and a sprocket-flower for his partner.

Amy Brauer teaches the tutorial for this painting, and you should set aside 70 to 80 minutes from start to finish.

Lovestruck Robots is available as a single canvas and as a diptych experience.

Learn more about this painting kit!

5) Cheers

If you prefer your painting with a side of your favorite adult beverage, why not combine the two experiences on canvas? Not only can you BYOB from the comfort of your living room, you can paint about it too.

Learn basic shapes that compose the wine glass and beer stein with Seattle-area artist instructor Claudia DeCasas. Then swirl and flow your beverages as you channel your inner van Gogh!

This painting works especially well as a diptych as both painters can choose their preferred beverage. And speaking of preferred beverages, this canvas can be a great at-home paint and sip event too.

With a limited color palette, Cheers is ideal for beginners. Expect to spend 80 to 90 minutes on this one.

Learn more about this painting kit!

6) You Make My Heart Go Pop

Pop art is a great way to express your personal style, and that’s what you get with You Make My Heart Go Pop! This bright, playful painting will brighten any room, and Wisconsin-based art educator Lori Ehlke will guide you on how to add your own special adaptations so this painting feels like you and your partner.

This tutorial is geared toward painting the work as a diptych, though it can be done on a solo canvas as well.

With so many bold lines and colors, expect this painting to take as long as 100 minutes to complete.

Learn more about this painting kit!

7) To Us

If you’re looking for an elevated way to show off your experience in painting, To Us is a great painting to choose. Instructor Amy Brauer guides you on a 2+ hour journey full of loose, chunky brushstrokes and shape-based silhouette building.

If the outfits and hairstyles in the sample aren’t quite your style, don’t worry: There’s plenty of opportunity for customization here. You’ll have the chance to make your painting look more like you.

To Us is perfect as a diptych, where each partner focuses on one figure (Paint your partner instead of yourself for even more fun!)

Learn more about this painting kit!

8) Ocean Orcas

Southern California-based artist Wendy Anderson teaches you how to create Ocean Orcas, a playful and bright painting perfect for paint nights of all types. The coral pink sunset and lush blue water combine to frame out the two orcas in simple beauty.

Perfect for at-home paint nights from platonic to romantic, Ocean Orcas is suitable for painters of any level and works as a single canvas or a diptych.

Learn more about this painting kit!

9) Starry Night

You won’t find a more famous scene than this one! Try your hands at recreating one of the most iconic masterpieces ever painted by Vincent van Gogh. Enjoy playing with the swirls and strokes of expressionism as you learn how to mimic the master with instructor Jessica Hess.

Expect to spend around an hour recreating this iconic scene on a canvas that you and your partner share.

Learn more about this painting kit!

10) Celestial Dance

You and your partner couldn’t be more different—and that’s what makes your relationship work so well.

Celebrate your contrasts and differences, along with the way you work in such harmony together, by painting this celestial scene featuring the moon nestled up to the sun.

This painting is sure to draw attention, and there’s plenty of room to add your own personality as you learn from instructor Amy Brauer. Make this painting as simple or as advanced as you want, and plan on around 90 minutes to complete it.

Celestial Dance is available as a diptych painting or a solo canvas.

Learn more about this painting kit!

11) Walk in the Rain

Create a moody scene of understated romance by painting Walk in the Rain together. Use long brush strokes to mimic the rain and its puddles on the ground, and add a pop of color in your umbrella.

Instructor Amy Brauer will lead you on a 70- to 80-minute journey as you paint this stunning scene. And when you’re done, you’ll have a memory you can hang on any wall needing a piece of art that’s understated and not too bright.

Learn more about this painting kit!

12) Tropical Bliss

Sometimes you just want to get away to somewhere tropical and warm.

That might not be in the cards at the moment, but painting somewhere tropical and warm is a close second! Transport yourself to a place where fruity drinks are all but required — and maybe even drink one while you paint. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or any other stay-in night, Tropical Bliss is the perfect painting date night for beach lovers.

Instructor Amy Brauer will show you the way to this tropical paradise full of vivid colors and deep black silhouettes.

Learn more about this painting kit!

Have a Romantic Couples Paint Night with Painting to Gogh

A couples paint night is a perfect at-home date night idea for all couples, no matter how artistic you are or aren’t! It’s a great way to grow as a couple and to spend some creative and intimate time together. It’s also just plain a ton of fun — as many of our previous customers can attest!

If you’re thinking about making your next date night a painting experience, Painting to Gogh is ready to get you started. Check out our collection of date night-ready painting kits!