How to create a a Diptych Painting with Painting to Gogh

Couple Painting Diptych on Two Separate Canvases

Looking to paint with a partner collaboratively? A diptych painting is a fun way to paint with someone else!

A diptych painting is when two separate canvases are combined to make one unified piece of art. This technique involves painting one half of the artwork on one canvas and the other half on the second canvas. At the end, you combine both canvases to make amazing piece of art. 

Our diptych paintings are popular for date nights, painting with friends or family - all you have to do is order two of the same kits from our diptych collection.

1. Order Two Painting Kits of the same painting from our Diptych Collection.

Two Canvases and Art Supplies on a Kitchen Countertop

Order two painting kits (Studio, Essentials or Refill) and you'll get two canvases to paint on for your diptych.

2. Follow Along with our Artist

For the paintings in our diptych collection - the artist will show you how to split the painting in the half at the beginning of the tutorial or paint on two canvases during the tutorial.

Artist teaching how to split up painting for diptych

  Artist teaching how to split painting on two canvases during tutorial

Artist painting diptych painting on two separate canvases
Artist painting diptych on two separate canvases during tutorial

Order your two painting kits to get started on your combined masterpiece today!

Couple smiling after painting date night diptych painting

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