Enjoy a Virtual Painting Party

Connect and create with friends and family virtually
In different cities or states? No problem!
Paint with Friends and Family

Invite your friends & family to a video call and paint together! We provide access to our easy to follow video tutorials along with all the art supplies used in the tutorial. Paint your own masterpiece today!

Our kits make it easy to host virtual paint parties for birthday parties, graduation parties, corporate events and so many more events!

Group of girls proudly showing off their holiday acrylic paintings

Why Painting to Gogh

Fun and Memorable

Our experiences are easy to follow and fun for participants for all ages. Have fun or we'll give you your money back!

Connect & Create Virtually

Spend quality time with your friends or family. You'll never feel rushed with our tutorials that can be paused as needed - so you can talk to each other as long as you want!

Convenient Kit

Simply pick a painting and we'll deliver all the art supplies to your doorstep - so you can focus on other things, like snacks =)


"I hosted a virtual bachelorette party and we painted this so all our friends that couldn’t make the wedding could create a memory together. We had a blast. It was fun to paint together and super helpful to have a video we could pause and give us time to catch up and chat"
Review By - Elan R

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Tips on how to host A VIRTUAL PAINT PARTY

Your friends can't come over, but you can host a virtual paint party with Painting to Gogh! Read our easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to host your party!


Order Painting Kit

Select any of our amazing paintings and select a Starter Kit for each painter. Place separate orders if shipping to different addresses. Our starter kit comes with all the art supplies and access to a step-by-step artist-led video tutorial.

Receive your Supplies

You'll receive our kits in 1 to 5 business days. The artist-led tutorial can be watched on any phone, tablet, laptop or any
internet-connected device any time you want.

Golden Birch Trees Virtual Paint Party
Host your Virtual Paint Party

FaceTime, Zoom or use any video conferencing tool to paint with your friends as you each follow along with our instructors. Our on-demand tutorials can be played at any time and typically take 1 to 2 hours. 

What's in the box?

We recommend our Starter Kit for first-time customers since it includes all the supplies needed. Our Essentials Box is typically for repeat customers who already have their own easel and paintbrush. Whether you’re a Painting to Gogh pro or a first-time customer, we have art kits to meet your exact needs. To get started, simply choose the artwork that’s best for your painting party.
 Materials Starter ($45 per person) Essentials ($25 per person) 
Video Tutorial
Acrylic Paints
16x20 Canvas
Paintbrushes (5)
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We have an amazing selection of paintings to choose from -- and our lineup is only growing. Check out our full collection and pricing now!