Who doesn't like hot air balloons? Recreate the feeling of tranquility and exhilaration with our Rise painting experience.  Every brushstroke, whether you're painting squiggles of reflection or squares of movement, will hopefully bring joy and result in a canvas worthy of hanging on a wall.   

Video Runtime: 57:11 (Does not include time for breaks)

Starter Kit vs Essentials Kit

We offer two different types of Kits depending on your needs.  The Starter Kit is recommended for customers that do not have an easel or paintbrushes of their own. The beauty of Painting to Gogh is that once you have bought our Starter Kit all you need for your next painting experience is the Essentials Kit.

Starter Kit
Essentials Kit
 Aluminum Easel
Not Included
Set of Paintbrushes (5 Brushes) Not Included
Digital Video Tutorial
Digital Video Tutorial
16x20 Canvas
16x20 Canvas
Acrylic Paints for Selected Painting
Acrylic Paints for Selected Painting
Palette Palette
Apron Apron


Group Size Starter Kit Essentials Kit
Individual Painter $50 $29
Group of 2 $99* $58*
Group of 4 $189* $116*
Group of 8 $375* $232*

*Free Shipping throughout the Contiguous U.S 

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