30 Creative Valentine's Day Ideas You Both Will Love

The best Valentine's Day gifts aren't bought from the store. Rather, a great gift is some time spent together. Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and there are many date night ideas out there that you can tap into to say "I love you" with some fun activities together. While a perfectly planned activity with your loved one doesn't take away the need to send Valentine's Day cards or a love note, you'll have fun making memories with your significant other with one of these ideas. So scroll through the list of cute Valentine's Day date night options, and make plans for your own date night.

1. Attend a (Virtual) Painting Class From the Comfort of Your Home

Valentine's Day crafts are a great DIY date night, but what craft is something you can do with your best friend and both enjoy? Painting classes at home can be a great fit. A painting class lets you explore your creative side while making memories together.

Painting to Gogh has a number of paintings designed specifically for date night.

Grab a bottle of wine and a painting kit like Sweetheart Trees or Cheers and start making memories.

Sweetheart Trees Sample from Painting to Gogh on Vimeo.


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2. Take a Cooking Class

Cooking together can be a great way to make memories. Learn how to cook a fanciful feast or even just some romantic cupcakes this V-Day. As you make goodies together, you can sneak in plenty of romantic looks and flirtatious glances.

The great thing about cooking classes is they can be done in-person, so someone else cleans up the mess, or you can do it in your own home with virtual cooking classes. Cozymeal offers interactive online cooking classes that could work well.

3. Enjoy a Trip Out to a Museum

When was the last time you explored your local art or history museum? This experience can be a great way to make memories together as you enjoy Valentine's Day. Choose something classic, like an art or cultural museum, or something kitschy, like a museum dedicated to a favorite snack food. You could learn about some culture or you could enjoy some fun together, depending on which you choose.

America has some truly unique museums. Check out this list to see if one is near you.

4. Handcraft a Mug at a Pottery Class

The perfect Valentine's Day date idea is not necessarily over-the-top romantic. It's simply the chance to spend some time together doing something fun. Head to a local pottery store to create a mug together. You can use it for your morning coffee and remember your fun time together long after the tutorial is over.

These types of in-person craft activities do tend to fill up quickly around Valentine's Day, so if this is your ideal date, book yours early.

5. Get Groovy in a Dance Class

Dancing with one another is definitely a romantic activity, but if you have four left feet, you may not be feeling the romance. A dance class can help. With the right instruction, you can go from tripping over each other's feet to enjoying a ballroom experience at home.

Dance Together NYC offers live online dance classes for couples. Simply sign up for the dance style of your choice, and you can start dancing right now at home, without the need to travel to a dance studio.

6. Plan a Picnic (Weather Permitting)

If it's warm enough right now where you live, then consider planning a picnic dinner. Toss some sweet tea in a mason jar and some snacks or sandwiches in a basket, grab a cozy blanket, and enjoy some time outdoors. The fresh air is invigorating, and you can eat together without fear of crowds or waiters trying to make you finish more quickly. A picnic can provide privacy for your date night. If it ends up raining, have the picnic inside on your living room floor.

If this is your ideal date option, check out this list of ideas to plan the perfect couple’s picnic.

7. Watch a Valentine's Day-Themed Movie

For many couples, the ideal date night is one enjoyed at home, rather than out in the community. The perfect gift is often time together, and you can enjoy a romantic movie night at home. Scroll through Amazon Prime or Netflix to find a romantic comedy or drama, and enjoy watching a love story unfold in front of you. Sometimes, a truly great Valentine's Day is just one spent at home enjoying time with one another, rather than out on the town with all of the crowds.

Though what's on Netflix does change, this list of romantic movies can get you started choosing one to watch.

8. Dip Fruit in a Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate-dipped strawberries are an essential treat for Valentine's Day, but why buy them pre-made when you can add a DIY activity to the night. Grab a chocolate fondue pot or fountain, some fresh strawberries and other fruit, and spend some time dipping the fruit in the sweet treat and feeding it to each other. This activity can quickly turn into something truly romantic.

Put some love songs on your playlist while you indulge in this romantic event.

9. Play Board Games

Board games are fun for everyone, so why not enjoy them with your loved one? You can choose a romance-themed game, like one from this list, or a simple classic that you both love. Having fun together around some friendly competition will kindle feelings of love and romance.

You can even turn the entire evening into a board game championship and have some romantic reward for the winner.

10. Do Something Out of Your Comfort Zone

Whether it's ice skating, karaoke night, or even visiting a live theater performance for the first time, challenge each other to look outside of your comfort zone for your Valentine's Day treat. You might discover a new passion or activity you love for future date nights, or have fun laughing together as you experience something new for the first time.

Even if the activity is a flop, you will create memories.

11. Make Vision Boards Together

A vision board gives you a clear picture of your goals for your life and your relationship. It can be a fun, relaxing activity, and you can do it together. To make one, collect images of the objects or ideas that are part of the future you wish to create. Then, create a board using those images to give you something to visualize as you move forward through the year. Don't forget to add some inspiring quotes to help you navigate those goals.

Check out this inspiring guide on how to make a vision board to get started.

12. Have a Karaoke Night

A few glasses of wine and the right karaoke playlist can really loosen you up as you enjoy time together. You can set up a karaoke night in your own home if going out to a club is not the vibe you are looking for this Valentine's Day. You don't need a lot of special equipment as long as you have a willingness to try something new.

Check out this guide to making a karaoke night at home using just YouTube. Make sure you throw some romantic duets into the mix, so you can sing together.

13. Set up Camp in Your Backyard

This is another weather-dependent date night, but if it's warm and dry enough, consider camping out. You don't have to spend the money to go to a campground. Pitch a tent in your own backyard and enjoy some fun romance under the stars. If you have a fire pit, grab materials for s'mores to enjoy together.

Who knows, you may not last the entire night outside, but the memories you make with this romantic gesture will last.

14. Take a Scenic Drive

Find a historic town or scenic natural area near you, and take a drive. You'll enjoy taking in some new sights as you spend some time talking together. This can be a highly romantic activity as you aren’t under any pressure to perform or meet any deadlines but can just explore wherever the urge takes you.

Check out some boutique shops or eateries while you drive to make lasting memories.

15. Exchange Special Love Letters

The digital age has cost many couples the ability to create love letters, but you can revive this tradition this Valentine's Day. A romantic text message just doesn't have the same impact. This Valentine's Day, take some time to think about what it is about your loved one that you truly adore. Look past faults, and find the good. Then, write it all out in a love letter. Make plans to exchange love letters, so you can both have a treasure to keep your love alive through the year.

Do you need a little help to get started on your love letter? Check out this guide with examples.

16. Relive Your Favorite Date

Think back to the various dates you have had in the past. Does one stand out as truly amazing? Why not rekindle the romance this Valentine's Day by retracing your steps. You will have the opportunity to remember all of the ways that your past date drew you closer together, and you will have fun making a new memory at the same location.

If you're having trouble remembering what your favorite past date was, pull out some old pictures. You'll be able to find it quickly.

17. Visit a Conservatory or Botanical Garden

It may seem early to visit a garden, but in many parts of the country, spring is coming in February. You will find some undiscovered gems at your local botanical garden, or if you live in a colder climate, you can explore tropical gardens indoors at a local conservatory. Flowers bring out romantic feelings, and the calm, quiet time you have to stroll through them will draw you closer together.

At the end of your visit, head to a flower shop to buy some flowers to commemorate the holiday.

18. Have a Wine and Cheese Night

Bring in your favorite bottle of wine and some unique cheese flavors for a wine and cheese night at home, or head out to a winery to experience one on location. Either way, you will find that this is a very romantic way to spend the evening, and you can sample some new flavors of both wine and cheese while enjoying conversation together.

If wine isn't your specialty, check out this list of classic wine and cheese pairings.

19. Bump Your Favorite Tunes and Dance Together

You don't need formal dance training to dance together, especially if you're doing it at home. Put on a playlist of your favorite tunes as a couple, and dance the night away. A little bit of exercise will do the body good as you enjoy some romance at the same time.

Do you need a playlist idea? Here's a great selection of Valentine's Day-themed songs.

20. Take a Trip to the Candy Store

Doing something that reminds you of childhood can be a romantic Valentine's Day date idea, and the candy store is definitely a throwback experience. And nothing says Valentine's Day quite like a box of chocolates. Enjoy the shopping trip together, then come home to taste your treats.

If you can, find a local boutique shop to visit. The experience will be even more enjoyable if you do. Then, try your hand at selecting a sweet treat for your love instead of yourself.

21. Attend a Comedy Show

Laughter is good for the heart, and it also gets the oxytocin and your romantic vibes flowing too. Find a local comedy club or comedy show, and get tickets for your Valentine's Day date idea. Most of these locations will have a themed show around the holiday. You will relax and enjoy time together as you laugh at the performer's antics. You'll probably be able to find a Valentine's Day-themed option.

22. Go to an Escape Room

Do you have what it takes to escape? An escape room puts your puzzle-solving abilities to the test. Grab some other couples to go with you, or tackle one as a couple. Whether you escape or not, you will have some fun together.

If you can't make it to an escape room, you could set up one at home with some friends. Check out The Escape Game for virtual escape room options.

23. Create a Valentine's Day-Themed Scavenger Hunt

Whether you go around your home or around your town, a scavenger hunt is a fun idea for the holiday. Create one or buy one that's Valentine's Day-themed and start searching for romantic items all around you. No matter who wins, you'll have fun with the experience.

Check out Scavenger Hunt Fun for romantic scavenger hunt ideas.

24. Visit the Zoo or Aquarium

Getting out into the community is always a romantic, relaxing option, and a zoo or aquarium provides a great opportunity to do that. If your town has one nearby, plan your Valentine's Day date there. The animals or aquatic life will give you a subject for conversation while you walk hand-in-hand and enjoy the day together.

If you don't have a zoo or aquarium close by, consider a quick overnight trip to your nearest one.

25. Read Each Other Romance Novels

Whether it's a classic romance novel or a steamy piece of romantic fiction, read romance novels together on Valentine's Day. Consider reading ahead to pick out choice passages that will really light a spark between you, then take turns reading. The goal here isn't to get through the story but to stir up warm, romantic feelings towards each other.

Not sure where to start? Check out this list of the top 10 best romance novels.

26. Hold a Baking Competition

Who makes the best cupcake between you? If you've never asked this question, then hosting a baking competition could be the best Valentine's Day date idea for you. Invite some other couples over or do this activity just between the two of you. Either way, you'll enjoy cooking and baking (and competing) together.

Check out the Nailed It! At Home Experience for an at-home baking and decorating competition kit that makes it easy to tackle this date night idea.

27. Put Together a Puzzle

If your idea of romance is a little more subdued, then why not work on a puzzle together. This activity creates a great avenue for conversation, and it can fill most of the evening. If you want, you can glue the finished puzzle together to display your hard work in your home.

The great thing about this date night idea is that you can make it as short or as long as you like simply by choosing the right puzzle size.

28. See a Drive-in Movie

Do you have a drive-in movie theater near you? This could work well for Valentine's Day. You'll have more privacy than a traditional movie and a bit more space to spread out if you want, and you can catch a classic or current hit movie while enjoying each other's company. This may only work in warmer climates where winter isn't a concern, but it's a great and romantic option.

29. Choose Library Books for Each Other

This Valentine's Day, head to your library. Rather than picking out a book you like for yourself, pick one out for your partner. Swap choices, and see what each thinks the other should read. You could choose a fiction novel, non-fiction work, or even a children's book that you think captures their interests or tells them what you think of them.

This particular date idea continues past the holiday as you enjoy the books and discuss them at a later date.

30. Recreate Childhood Memories

What was your favorite activity as a child? Was it taking a spin around the go-kart track or playing laser tag with your friends? Maybe you enjoyed a trip to the arcade or a game of mini-golf.

Whatever it was, why not do this now with your significant other? You can revel in a favorite childhood memory while making new memories together. This kind of low-key date night can really help draw you two closer.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day Painting Together with Painting to Gogh

A painting-themed date night could be just what you need this Valentine's Day. Get expert tips from Painting to Gogh to plan the perfect painting date night. Then, browse our list of paintings for couples to find one that fits your needs well. With the right step-by-step painting tutorial, a bottle of wine, and your loved one, you will have the best Valentine's Day yet.