26 Valentine's Day Painting Ideas for Couples [2022]

Valentine's Day is coming, and that means it's time to think about planning the ultimate date night. While dining out is always nice, getting a reservation is sometimes hard. Why not think outside of the box? A painting tutorial you can do together on Valentine's Day could be the perfect choice. 

You’ll have more opportunity to talk, you’ll create a long-lasting work of art together, and you’ll do something unique as a couple. Don't be surprised if the romance level jumps on this date night! As you think about Valentine’s Day painting options, explore date night painting kits from Painting To Gogh. We have many beautiful choices that lend themselves well to a charming date and meet all experience levels. Here are some of our favorites.

Fantastic Diptych Painting Ideas for Couples on Valentine's Day 

Looking for painting ideas for you and that someone special this Valentine’s Day? A diptych painting could be perfect because it involves two separate canvases that create one cohesive piece of art when put side by side. You can work on your own canvas while your significant other works on theirs. Below we’ve included some of our most popular diptych painting kits and tutorials that you can choose from.

1. Lovebirds at Dusk Painting Kit and Tutorial

With elegant blues and a pair of love birds sitting on a branch, Lovebirds at Dusk is a beautiful painting that will evoke feelings of warmth and romance. The light blue in the center of the painting draws the eye to the lovebirds, and that makes it even more romantic. This is an ideal painting for beginners because it doesn’t have a high level of detail but looks beautiful when complete.

Grab Lovebirds at Dusk to have a sweet, easy Valentine's Day date.

2. Cheers Painting Kit and Tutorial

If your idea of romance is having a glass of wine together at the end of a busy day, then the Cheers painting kit can be a fun acrylic painting tutorial to use for your Valentine's Day date night. A glass of wine clinking against a mug of beer will capture both of your tastes in one fun painting. You'll love the contrast of the red and yellow against a deep black background.

Pick up a Cheers canvas painting kit to plan for this date night.

3. Sweetheart Trees Painting Kit and Tutorial

Nothing says “love” quite like flowers and a heart. Sweetheart Trees is a painting kit that shows a painted heart made out of the branches of a flowering tree. This painting is great for a date night because each of you can paint one of the trees, coming together in the middle for the heart. The swirling blue in the background makes everything stand out well. 

Plan your DIY Valentine's date with the Sweetheart Trees painting kit.

4. My Favorite Place Is Next to You Kit and Tutorial

If you’re looking for a moody painting tutorial full of bright colors, check out My Favorite Place is Next To You. This diptych painting includes two people sitting on a dock on the water watching the sunset. You and your partner will each create half of the piece and paint a shadow of yourself sitting on the dock. When the canvases are placed next to each other, the two shadows sit side by side. This painting is also a great choice if you and your special someone want to spend this Valentine’s Day working on blending techniques.

Learn more about My Favorite Place Is Next To You kit and tutorial. 

5. You Make My Heart Go Pop Kit and Tutorial

If bold colors are more your style, we recommend spending your Valentine’s Day creating the You Make My Heart Go Pop diptych painting. This kit’s design is one big heart in front of a vibrant sunrise over a grassy hill. You and your partner will each paint one half of the heart and sunrise. The large swaths of color also make this kit perfect if you and your partner are newer to painting. However, there are still plenty of ways you each can add some personal creative flair to the piece.

Check out this kit.

6. Meet Me at the Footbridge Kit and Tutorial

If you like the style of My Favorite Place is Next To You but desire something more mysterious and romantic, look no further than the diptych kit Meet Me at the Footbridge. In this kit and tutorial, you and your partner will each paint half the scene of a couple at twilight standing on a bridge over a stream surrounded by budding trees. Painting this diptych could be the perfect activity for you and your partner this Valentine’s Day.

Find out more about Meet Me at the Footbridge kit.

7. Lovestruck Robots Painting Kit and Tutorial

Lovestruck Robots is a whimsical, fun painting kit that is not like your cookie-cutter paint class painting. Paint a guy and girl robot, one for each of you, and enjoy the loving look they’re giving to each other. This is a fun one because you can paint it all on one canvas together, or you can create two separate canvases and bring them together when you display them. This technique is known as diptych painting, and Painting To Gogh has many tutorials that can work with this style.

Have some fun this Valentine's Day with Lovestruck Robots


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8. Playing Koi Kit and Tutorial

Similar to couples gliding through life together, the Playing Koi diptych kit features two koi fish just beneath the water’s surface in a lily pond gracefully gliding along. This kit could be perfect if you and your partner are looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day by practicing your painting techniques. This kit will help you and your partner practice blending and mixing colors.

Learn more about the Playing Koi kit and tutorial.

9. Celebration Kit and Tutorial

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love, so what better way to do that than with this Celebration diptych painting kit and tutorial? This kit keeps it simple but elegant and fun with two flutes of champagne bubbling over. So pour two flutes of your own bubbly at home and dive into painting this diptych with your partner.

Find out more about the Celebration kit and tutorial.

10. Perfect Pair Kit and Tutorial

Feeling more laid back this Valentine’s Day? Relax with your special someone by painting the Perfect Pair diptych, which features two pairs of sneakers leaning against one another in a green field covered in dandelions with a sunny, blue sky in the distance. This painting is a good reminder to take in the little things and simply enjoy your loved one’s presence.

Learn more about the Perfect Pair kit and tutorial.

11. Cold Flippers, Warm Hearts Painting Kit and Tutorial

What's cuter than a couple of penguins? Penguins who are in love, that's what. The glowing heart art between two cuddly penguins makes Cold Flippers a good choice for Valentine's Day. The step-by-step tutorial means you can easily make this lovestruck pair. This kit is another one that can be done separately on two canvases or on a single canvas. 

Pick up Cold Flippers, Warm Hearts for your Valentine's Day art class. 


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12. Seeing Stars Painting Kit and Tutorial


Shooting stars against the beauty of the northern lights is the theme of the Seeing Stars painting kit. This would be a lovely date night option because you could share the painting. One of you paints the actual scene while the other paints the reflection. The reflection will come out slightly different than the scene, which would be a perfect reflection of what the real-life image would look like.

Shoot for the stars with your date night by picking up the Seeing Stars painting class.

13. Celestial Dance Painting Kit and Tutorial

The two of you might be as different as the day and night, but that can be something worth celebrating. After all, the sun and the moon make the world go 'round, perfectly complementing each other. The Celestial Dance painting kit shows the moon embracing the sun, celebrating your differences along with your mutual affection for each other.

Plan your date night around the Celestial Dance painting kit, and pick up one today.

Fun Individual Painting Ideas for Couples on Valentine's Day

If you and your partner are seeking more autonomy over your canvases, we also have single painting kits and tutorials perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day. With these kits, you and your partner can each do your own version of the same painting. Check out some of our favorites below.

14. Starry Night Painting Kit and Tutorial

A trip to an art gallery is truly a romantic experience, and you can recreate that experience at home with the Starry Night painting kit. Inspired by the famous style of Vincent van Gogh, Starry Night lets you recreate your own version of the piece at home. The step-by-step tutorial is easy to follow as you create art together.

Make your date night romantic by inviting Van Gogh into your space with the Starry Night painting kit.

15. Pine Tree Galaxy Painting Kit and Tutorial

The silhouettes of pine trees stand out against a galaxy-inspired night sky complete with twinkling stars and a glowing crescent moon. The reflection of the colors on the water is a beautiful contrast. You can split the painting with your date, one of you painting the sky and the other painting its reflection. 

Let your imagination soar to new heights with the Pine Tree Galaxy painting kit this Valentine's Day.

16. Moonlight Sakura Painting Kit and Tutorial

The simplicity of the black and white mountains combined with the bright pink and red Japanese cherry blossoms falling from a tree makes this a beautiful painting that is full of romance. Though it's not a traditional heart painting that makes you instantly think of Valentine's Day, it’s quite romantic in a more subtle way. Also, unlike other Valentine's Day crafts, you can leave this up year-round. 

If you want something romantic but a little less obvious, plan your date night around the Moonlight Sakura painting kit.

17. Walk in the Rain Painting Kit and Tutorial


A romantic night is interrupted by the rain, but that doesn't stop this couple. They pull out a beautiful red umbrella and enjoy an embrace as the rain falls around them. Celebrate your own romantic moments while learning some new painting techniques with this romantic painting. The rich blues combined with the bold red umbrella will make it a keepsake you’ll want to display. 

Use the Walk in the Rain painting kit to create your own Valentine's memories.

18. Monet's Bridge Painting Kit and Tutorial

Embrace your inner impressionist with this Monet's Bridge painting. The delicate water lilies reflect on the water, and you can almost see a couple standing on the bridge embracing if you look long enough. Though the painting looks complex, it’s actually great for beginners.

Schedule date night and enjoy some fine art with the Monet's Bridge painting kit.

19. Fireflies Painting Kit and Tutorial

Romantic summer nights are often spent watching the moon rise while the fireflies come out to play. In your younger years, you might have spent those summer nights catching jars full of colorful, glowing insects. Celebrate your childhood memories together with the Fireflies painting kit this Valentine's Day. When summer rolls around, you'll have a beautiful piece of art to display. 

Celebrate the summers you enjoyed as 10-year-olds with the Fireflies painting kit.

20. Tropical Bliss Painting Kit and Tutorial

If you’re living in a place hit hard by winter, you and your partner may be dreaming of warmer weather. Paint your way to the beach with the Tropical Bliss painting kit. The kit features a beachy scene over the water at sunset with warm colors like pinks, oranges, and yellows. So blend up some piña coladas and pretend you’re on a beach by painting Tropical Bliss.

Learn more about the kit and tutorial.

21. The Ones Painting Kit and Tutorial

Calling all sneakerhead couples! Celebrate your love for sneakers — and for each other — with The Ones painting kit. This painting features the iconic Nike sneaker made famous by Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Keep it classic by painting in the original Chicago colors, or put your own unique twist on it. The Ones virtual tutorial is even taught by a Chicago-based artist.

Order The Ones kit to celebrate with your loved one this Valentine's Day.

22. Camping Under the Stars Painting Kit and Tutorial

*Cue the crickets* If an outdoor adventure is more your style, check out Camping Under the Stars painting kit and tutorial to celebrate with your partner this Valentine’s Day. Tap into your creativity to paint a serene night time campground scene illuminated by a full moon. A perk about this kit is it can be completed on a single horizontal canvas, or it can be painted as a diptych with you and your partner each painting half of the artwork.

Learn more about the Camping Under the Stars kit and tutorial.

23. Forest Path Painting Kit and Tutorial


The colorful foliage of the Forest Path painting kit invites your imagination in. You can picture yourself with your love, hand in hand, strolling along the path and taking in the sights and smells of nature. While you create the piece together, you’ll learn how to use layering techniques to capture the depth and the look of natural light flowing through the woods. You'll be proud of the finished work when you use this tutorial.

Create a romantic forest scene with your loved one using the Forest Path painting kit.

24. Lovely Paris Painting Kit and Tutorial

A trip to Paris may feel like the perfect Valentine's Day date, but most people will admit that is a little out of the budget. Another option is to paint a beautiful image of the romantic city with your love. Lovely Paris is a painting kit that lets you do just that. With a palette of pink and blue and a full video tutorial, this painting will set your heart alight as you enjoy time together. 

If going to Paris is a gift idea that is out of reach, bring Paris to you this Valentine's Day with the Lovely Paris painting kit.

25. Seaside Escape Painting Kit and Tutorial

Another option for those couples wishing for a seaside getaway this winter is the Seaside Escape painting kit. Relax alongside your loved one this Valentine’s Day as you each paint your own version of the aerial beach scene. This kit allows for some creativity in color selection of the umbrellas, as well as blending techniques.

Check out the Seaside Escape painting kit and tutorial.

26. Light Up the Sky Painting Kit and Tutorial

For another moody option to celebrate Valentine’s Day, paint Light Up the Sky with your partner. This kit will guide you through cool color blending (blues and purples) that will cover your canvas in this nature-forward scene. To give the piece some dimension, you’ll also be able to create glowing effects by painting paper lanterns floating across the air.

Learn more about the Light Up the Sky kit and tutorial.

With Painting To Gogh, It Doesn't Have To Be Valentine's Day To Enjoy a Romantic Date

Date night can be more than just dinner out when you use Painting To Gogh. Choose any of the paintings on this list and enjoy a romantic evening-in this Valentine's Day. At the end of the night, you'll have a piece of art that you can treasure together long after the holiday has passed.